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Natural light is highly valued in our homes. It does more than just light up a room, it also improves the look, saves energy and boosts wellbeing in your living spaces.

One innovative way to invite more sunlight into your home is by installing roof windows above the stairs. Read on as we explore practical advice for homeowners looking to brighten up their staircases.

The benefits of natural light

Increasing natural light in your home can be hugely beneficial and not just for lighting. It makes rooms feel warmer and more welcoming, cuts energy use to reduce your bills, and even helps improve your mood and health.

Here’s a little more on how this simple change can significantly improve your daily life.

Natural light

Roof windows flood the staircase area with natural light, creating a bright and inviting space without the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Aesthetic appeal

A roof window can add a unique architectural feature to your home, enhancing its overall visual appeal and creating a focal point in the staircase area.

Energy efficiency

More natural light means less need for artificial lighting, which can save energy. It also helps regulate temperatures by capturing solar heat.

Improved ventilation

Some roof windows are designed to open, allowing for improved ventilation in the staircase area, which is beneficial for maintaining fresh air circulation.

Mood and wellbeing

Natural light has been shown to positively impact mood and wellbeing. It raises vitamin D, improves mood, helps you work better and leads to better sleep – making the staircase area a more pleasant and comfortable space.


Roof windows can offer the advantage of both natural light and privacy since they are typically situated higher on the wall, making them less conspicuous from outside.

This positioning allows you to enjoy the benefits of daylight without compromising your privacy.

Types of roof windows

There are various types of roof windows available, including flat, pitched and solar-powered models.

Flat roof windows are perfect for level roofs and bring in lots of light, making them look great in fancy window designs. They also work well when placed above stairs to brighten the area.

Pitched roof windows fit into sloped roofs and have a classic look while naturally handling water drainage. They can open in different ways, making them easy to use and clean.

If you want an eco-friendly option, consider solar-powered windows. They’re good for the environment and can be controlled remotely. When used as roof windows above stairs, they make the most of sunlight.

Size and placement

The size and placement of the roof windows above stairs depend on your roof’s structure, as well as your personal preferences.

Larger windows will naturally bring in more light, but it’s important to think about their size and opening size in relation to your staircase to avoid an unbalanced aesthetic.

Placement is crucial – the aim is to maximise light without causing glare or overheating, so consider the position of the sun at certain times of the day.

Installation considerations

When planning to install a roof window, it’s crucial to consider several key aspects for a successful project:

Local regulations

Always begin by checking local building regulations. This step is particularly important, especially when dealing with historic or conservation areas, as specific requirements may apply.

Structural assessment

When you install a roof window, you usually need to change the roof’s structure to make space for it. It’s crucial to have a professional check if the roof can handle the extra weight of the new roof window. If it can’t, you may have to strengthen the roof.

Energy efficiency

To ensure energy efficiency and maintain indoor comfort, any window you install in the roof should have sufficient insulation against heat loss. Proper insulation is vital for both energy conservation and preventing heat loss.

Enhance your staircase with roof windows

Adding roof windows above your stairs is a great way to enhance natural light in your home. It’s not just about aesthetics, it’s about creating a healthier, more energy-efficient living environment.

Roof Window Outlet offers a wide range of roof window options for all different needs and preferences. With expert advice and quality roof window products, we can help you turn your vision into reality.

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