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Velux Pitched Roof Windows

Velux Pitched Roof Windows

Why Velux?

Velux Pitched Roof Windows are fantastic for so many reasons. They allow you to draw natural light into dark areas of your home. In addition, Velux windows can add a real style statement to your living spaces.

The right size

If you’re looking for pitched roof windows that will tick all the right boxes. In terms of performance and finish, then Velux is the company for you. Read more….

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Outstanding quality

Velux has been producing world class glazing products for more than 70 years, offering outstanding designs of the highest quality. As well as being quick and simple to install. Velux’s pitched roof windows will allow you to achieve the interior you’ve always hoped for. 

Do Velux windows come in a variety of designs?

From thermally efficient wide Velux windows, to stylish electric options that can be opened at the touch of a button. Velux has a product to meet your needs.

Do Velux windows compliment heritage properties? 

Absolutely! Velux heritage and conservation styles are the right fits to your traditional home.

Are Velux windows innovative in design?

Throughout the decades, Velux has worked tirelessly to produce windows with supreme performance. While also tackling some of the common issues associated with excessive glazing. 

Allowing for a stunning finish and maximum comfort for you and your family. Velux’s roof windows offer style as well as substance. For a more traditional outlook, try Velux heritage.

What should I expect from Velux roof windows? 

Velux creates a range of pitched roof windows with specific innovations built-in. So you can choose the right glazing option for your home. The super sound insulation Velux roof window is ideal for those living near motorways or under flight paths. They promise to reduce noise by up to 50%. 

Are Velux roof windows burglary resistant?

The company’s burglary resistant roof windows feature toughened glass, a reinforced structure and extra locks. This makes Velux roof windows ideal for the security conscious. Both Velux Attic Windows and Velux Pitched Roof Windows provide burglary resistance – regardless the style, you will be able to choose security features important to you.

Do Velux Pitched Roof Windows come with smoke ventilation?

Velux also offers pitched roof windows with effective smoke ventilation built-in. This window is activated manually, or by a smoke sensor. Allowing you to properly air your hardest working rooms.

Are you looking for Velux roof windows that will really impress?

At the same time, those looking for something extra can opt for VELUX INTEGRA®. An innovative system for Velux roof windows, blinds and shutters that can be worked with the touch of a pre-paired wall switch.

Does the range offer extra wide Velux windows?

Yes, the collection involves extra wide Velux windows – we’re happy to tailor these to your needs. If an extra wide window is required from the Velux heritage, or the Velux attic windows, we can adjust these for you!

One for all

Velux knows that every person and home is different. This is why the company manufactures a wide range of pitched roof windows to suit all projects. This enables you to source the best Velux windows – the right product for your home.

How extensive is Velux’s roof windows range?

Velux has everything from centre pivot roof windows to top hung styles. Which allows you to open your window fully from the top for maximum views, sunlight and ventilation. 

Plus, Velux’s New Generation roof windows come in two installation heights, standard or recessed. So you can opt for a classic finish, or go for something a little more discreet in your roofline.

Does Velux offer a warranty?

In addition, every Velux attic window comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Something that most Velux customers never need to rely on.

Are there any additional benefits coming from choosing Velux?

Yes – Velux also provides 25 years’ availability on spare parts for all of its roof windows. Meaning that if any issues do arise you can fix them quickly – Velux attic windows are the right choice! 

What’s more, many of the most common spare parts can be changed easily without the need for professional help.

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