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The ideal choice for homeowners, tradesmen and architects, flat roof windows are one of our most popular products – and for good reason. Perfect for awkward, natural light-challenged rooms, such as kitchens –  they encourage natural daylight to flow through your indoor spaces, without compromising the layout or design of your home.

Intended to sit discreetly on horizontal surfaces, flat roof windows improve interior ventilation and utilise your redundant ceiling space, making them popular with style-conscious buyers. They also have a high energy efficiency, and will help you retain your home’s warmth in winter and eliminate excess heat during the summer months. Simply pick your preferred brand, style and size, and we’ll do the rest! 


At Roof Window Outlet, we’re proud to offer the full range of flat roof windows from VELUX, FAKRO Mardome and Keylite – four renowned brands celebrated for their exceptional quality, industry-leading innovation and premium craftsmanship. Our brands cover the glass rooflight spectrum, from curved glass rooflights for contemporary style, to flat glass skylights – all in standard sizes to perfectly fit your project. With varying price points, our extensive collection of top-of-the-line flat roof windows means there’s an option to suit all projects. 

VELUX Flat Roof Windows

For more than 70 years, VELUX has been at the forefront of the glazing game, offering stunning windows that are now considered a quality benchmark throughout the sector. With an extensive range to suit all requirements, VELUX flat roof windows will allow you to achieve the finish you’ve always wanted. From curved glass that maximises the sunlight that hits your roof, to highly intuitive electric rooflights that offer automated operation, VELUX has a product to meet your needs.

FAKRO Flat Roof Windows

Since 1991, FAKRO has been bringing innovation and dynamic designs to the roof window industry. As the world’s fastest-growing manufacturer of roof windows, FAKRO offers high-quality glazing and fantastic value for money. From manual-opening domed flat roof windows with anti-burglary double glazing, to quadruple glazed ‘passive’ windows with exceptional thermal performance, FAKRO’s windows are made to last.

Keylite Flat Roof Windows

If you’re looking for award-winning products from a highly regarded name, then Keylite delivers. As Europe’s fastest-growing window manufacturer, Keylite offers a wide range of glazing elements and accessories to suit a range of budgets. Celebrated for their innovation and fantastic affordability, Keylite offers everything from domed flat roof windows with electric opening and frosted glass, to classic systems that can be installed straight from the box in just two minutes. 


By offering the full range of flat roof windows from each of our key manufacturers, we’re able to provide our customers with endless possibilities regarding size, shape, transparency, operation and finish. With a style to suit all manner of projects and budgets, we have double, triple and passive elements and a range of interior and exterior finishes. Whether hinged or non-opening, manual or electric, domed or flush, we have a flat rooflight and frame to suit you and your project. 

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