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Whether you’re self-building or wanting to inject some serious style into your current home, pitched roof windows are a fantastic choice. Coming in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes, we have a comprehensive range of roof window types to suit all manner of needs, roof pitches and budgets – whether you’re an individual or an industry professional.

As one of our most popular offerings, pitched roof windows allow in three times more natural light than traditional windows, utilising redundant overhead space to brighten your home. They’re also known for their energy efficiency and being able to aid with air flow and ventilation, making them ideal for hard working kitchens, bathrooms and loft conversions. Browse our range of products to see brands, styles and finishes, select the ones that work best for you, and we’ll take it from there.


At Roof Window Outlet, we’re proud to be able to offer our customers a wide range of pitched roof windows from three renowned brands: Velux, Fakro and Keylite. Known for their quality, innovation and artistry, these manufacturers cover varying price points, operations and styles, meaning there will be a design suitable for your unique project.

Velux Pitched Roof Windows

Velux has been a pioneer of exemplary glazing for more than seven decades, wowing architects and homeowners alike with striking windows of the highest quality. With a vast collection to fulfil all manner of requirements, Velux’s pitched roof windows will allow you to create the property of your dreams. From thermal performance triple-glazed options, to innovative electric roof windows that can be worked at the touch of a pre-paired wall switch, Velux has it all.

Keylite Pitched Roof Windows

With award-winning products at fantastic prices, Keylite is Europe’s fastest growing skylight window producer. With a broad glazing collection and a range of accessories to match, Keylite has an option to suit all tastes and budgets. Working with homeowners, architects, installers and merchants, Keylite offers everything from traditional dormer-style pitched roof windows, to double glazed fire escape windows with toughened glass and noise reduction technology built in.

Fakro Pitched Roof Windows

Fakro was founded in 1991 and has been providing the roof window sector with inventive and striking designs since then. Considered the fastest-growing window manufacturer in the world, Fakro offers quality roof windows, at surprisingly reasonable prices. From moisture-proof PVC pitched roof windows that are perfect for humid spaces, to electric conservation-style options that can be worked via remote control, Fakro’s windows are both stylish and durable.


Thanks to our extensive collection of pitched roof windows from some of the world’s most celebrated brands, we’re able to give our customers plenty of choice when it comes to transparency, size, finish and operation. With designs suited to a vast range of projects and budgets, you can go for double, triple or passive glazing and select from a variety of interior and exterior looks. Whether top hung roof windows or on a centre pivot, you can also choose from manual, solar or electric options that will be as stylish as they are practical.

We have the types of roof windows you are looking for, even if you are looking for windows for flat roofs.

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