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Electric Pitched Roof Windows

Electric Pitched Roof Windows

Why Electric Roof Windows?

Pitched roof windows are perfect for turning awkward rooms into light-filled spaces. Their position on sloping roofs means they encourage more sunlight to travel indoors. Pitched roof windows also have fantastic thermal properties and come in a plethora of styles. These include electric operation…..Read below.

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Can Electric Roof Windows be installed anywhere?

Electric pitched roof windows can be installed literally anywhere. In this way, they are great for hard-to-reach spots. The electric operation means you can open and close your windows with ease. Simply press a pre-paired wall switch, control pad, or mobile app to adjust them. So, even if your ceiling is high or awkwardly located, you can achieve a bright and airy interior with any of our electric roof windows.

Who are our Electric Roof Windows suppliers?

At Roof Window Outlet, we work with the greatest brands in the business. Above all, we offer our customers the highest quality products at competitive prices. We stock the entire collection of electric pitched roof windows from Fakro, Velux and Keylite. These brands cover electric pitched roof windows of all types and transparencies.

Why have we chosen these Electric Roof Windows’ brands?

Our suppliers are celebrated for the quality of their creations. So with these brands, you’re guaranteed a superior finish. Furthermore, these companies are known for their unique designs and custom features – e.g. electric Velux windows. Each manufacturer focuses on meeting different requirements. Meaning our customers have endless options to choose from.


From pine centre pivot designs to double glazed PVC styles, we have an electric pitched roof window for you. What’s more, our brands offer various interior and exterior finishes. This means you can achieve a bespoke look that meets your personal requirements.Why not look at these electric Velux windows in particular?

How to shop our Electric Roof Windows?

You can also specify an array of extras for your electric pitched roof windows – this guide is here to help. These include rain sensors, which will automatically close the sash during showers. Ideal for keeping your interior dry and protected all year round! You can also incorporate them into your home’s electrical system, to create the ultimate smart home.

Do the prices of our roof window selection vary?

Our products also range in price. This means you can choose an electric pitched roof window that aligns with your budget as well as your home. Prices start from just £538, so there really is something for everyone.

How are our windows unique?

Customers of Roof Window Outlet are guaranteed a superior window. Each product is vetted for strength and security by our expert manufacturers. This means that every window we sell will last for years. That’s why we offer a 10-year guarantee with every purchase.

Are your windows certified?

In addition to this, many of the windows we sell come with approval from the FSC, the BBA, and Secured by Design. This further proves the superior craftsmanship of Roof Window Outlet products.

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