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Meet The Manufacturer!

Meet Our Manufacturers At Roof Window Outlet we work with the very best names in the business. This means we can ensure we only ever sell products we believe in. We’re all about helping our customers find the right roof windows for their project and our comprehensive...

Choosing the Right Flat Roof Window

Flat Roof Windows: Choosing the Right Style for Your Home Designed to sit neatly on top of a horizontal surface, flat roof windows are perfect for drawing extra light indoors and improving interior ventilation, without dominating the facade of your home. Ideal for the...

Roof Window Blinds

The Benefits of Blinds When opting for new windows, there is much to consider. Allowing you to draw natural light inside every corner of your home, glazing can also improve interior ventilation and help you create a real style statement. After you’ve chosen your...

Choosing the Right Roof Windows for Your Home

With the ability to instantly make an interior feel more spacious and inviting, glazing is an important design element that shouldn’t be disregarded. No matter what your project, selecting the right roof windows should be at the top of your list of priorities. Whether...

Is a Sun Tunnel Right for you?

For most homeowners, achieving a bright and inviting interior is a top priority, but for some properties, installing large glazing elements simply isn’t an option. So what can you do if your interior is dingy but you’re lacking the necessary roof or wall space to...

7 Perks of Pitched Roof Windows

Whether you're building from scratch or looking to add some real wow-factor to your current home, pitched roof windows are a fantastic choice. Also known as skylights, pitched roof windows come in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes, so you can pick an option that...

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