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Fakro Pitched Roof Windows

Why should you choose Fakro Roof Windows?

Fakro Pitched Roof Windows – With our years of experience, we know it isn’t always easy to find the right pitched roof windows for every project. 

This is why we’re dedicated to only stocking the very best products on the market, with award-winning brands you can count on. 

You’re guaranteed exemplary results every time, when buying from us – Fakro Roof Windows are a guarantee of quality. Scroll below for more.

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Esteemed quality with experience

Fakro is one of our most celebrated manufacturers and they’ve been making the finest windows since 1991. This esteemed European company is passionate about quality and state-of-the-art design. With the expertise they have built up over the years their innovation is second to none and working in some the harshest environments they know a thing or two about keeping out the cold.

Are Fakro Roof Windows Affordable?

The brand offers surprisingly affordable windows in both Fakro Flat Roof Windows and Fakro Pitched Roof Windows. With cutting-edge technology built-in, they still come at an attractive price.

It’s no wonder that this renowned company is one of the fastest growing window producers on the market. Please excuse the pun, orders for Fakro Windows are going through the roof!

What’s the history behind Fakro’s pitched roof windows? 

Ever since it made its inaugural window back in 1991, Fakro has been dedicated to developmental research – it is now one of the premium brands in the market with its signature dual operation Top Hung and Centre Pivot pitched roof windows.

Are Fakro’s pitched roof windows patented? 

The research department is responsible for producing a series of patented elements that make Fakro’s pitched roof windows stand out from the crowd. 

In fact, the trail blazing company has its own research department where over 100 experts spend their days inventing and testing brand new product innovations. Thermal performance and ease of operation are just two of the key elements.

How recognised is Fakro’s brand?

For almost 30 years, Fakro has stood out at the front of the roof window market, and has the recognition of multiple important industry accolades.

Is Fakro awarded as a brand?

These include winning the Polish Economic Award, not once, but twice! This is an esteemed prize for companies that contribute to the development of the Polish economy, granted by the president of Poland. So, that sets a fantastic example for others to follow.

What are the Fakro’s windows unique features?

There’s a good reason why Fakro’s pitched roof windows gained recognition and have so many awards, from so many different companies and bodies. 

Each Fakro window comes with energy-efficient glazing to keep your home safe and snug all year round. Fakro’s ‘topSafe’, is a reinforced structural glass element, an innovation to protect properties against break-ins. The signature dual operation Top Hung and Centre Pivot is an industry first and unique feature for fakro rooflights.

Do Fakro windows come with built-in insulation?

All Fakro skylights and Fakro rooflights also come with built-in sound and thermal insulation. Triple glazed windows offer the best in thermal performance.

Do Fakro windows come with a warranty?

Every Fakro window comes with a ten-year purchase guarantee.

What Fakro window sizes, styles and colours are there to choose from? 

With plenty of styles, sizes and colours to choose from, Fakro has a design that will suit your project perfectly, no matter its style and configuration.

Need more information?

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