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Triple Glazed Pitched Roof Windows

Whether you’re making improvements to your home or sourcing new windows for your latest project, we have a style for you. Yet, with an abundance of pitched roof windows on offer, it can be tricky to decide between double and triple-glazed models.

No matter which you choose, you’ll be guaranteed energy efficiency and an interior filled with natural light and fantastic insulation levels, making the decision one of personal preference. While single glazing features just one pane of glass, triple glazing has three. Between each sheet is a sealed air cavity, which has an array of benefits. Here are a few of the reasons why triple glazing might be the perfect option for you.

The Benefits of Triple Glazing

Protection From the Elements

As well as allowing you to achieve a fantastically bright home, triple-glazed pitched roof windows offer fantastic insulation. While double glazing is known for retaining interior warmth, triple glazing offers an extra layer of defence, making it the best choice for those living in particularly exposed locations or in areas where the weather tends to vary dramatically.

Improved Thermal Performance and Energy Efficiency

Perfect for fighting the frost and wind associated with colder climates, triple glazing can also help you improve the thermal performance of your home, which will inevitably lead to long-term energy savings and lower energy bills. This makes triple glazing ideal for companies looking to reduce their carbon emissions or homeowners wanting to achieve the lowest u-value possible.

More Peaceful Home

Plus, due to its three layers of insulated glass, triple glazing is also helpful for people looking to create a tranquil interior environment. The thickness of the window helps to block out exterior noise, making triple glazing particularly beneficial to homeowners living near motorways or under flight paths.

Our Brands

We’re proud to have teamed up with some of the most celebrated manufacturers in the roof window industry: Fakro, Velux and Keylite. Offering products of exceptional quality, innovation and craftsmanship, these companies allow us to cover a vast range of sizes, price points, operation styles and finishes so you can specify a window that perfectly meets your needs.

Offering something for architects, homeowners, merchants and contractors, our brands offer triple-glazing pitched roof windows of all shapes, sizes and styles. Whether you’re looking for top-hung or centre-pivot windows, ones with manual opening or ones powered by electricity, we have a window for you.

Plus, our brands also offer state-of-the-art products with built-in innovations. While the popular choice of Velux GGL Triple Glazed Pine Centre Pivot Pitched Roof Window offers ventilation flaps, integrated air filters, and maintenance-free exterior covers, the Keylite Triple Glazed White PVC Centre Pivot Pitched Roof Window boasts enhanced sound insulation, an expandable thermal collar and a warm edge glazing unit that works to fight condensation. Additionally, a centre pivot roof window is easy to operate even if you have furniture beneath.

Our Guarantee

Thanks to the fact that we only ever stock products from the finest, most respected companies in the roof window sector, every single triple-glazed pitched roof window we sell comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee. What’s more, many of our models are also approved by the likes of the BBA, the FSC, and Secured by Design, a police initiative working to improve the security of buildings across the country.

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