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Electric Flat Roof Windows

No matter your project, flat roofs provide the perfect base for installing flat roof windows. These windows sit discreetly on horizontal surfaces to make the most of every drop of sunshine that hits your roof. Ideal for style-conscious buyers, they also provide excellent thermal efficiency and come in a wide range of styles – including electric operation.

Electric flat roof windows are the ideal choice for hard-to-reach corners since they enable you to adjust your glazing as needed with the touch of a wall switch, control pad, or mobile app. So even if your ceiling is too high to reach or the unit is awkwardly located, the electric operation allows you to achieve beautifully bright and airy interiors.

An added benefit is that electric flat roof windows also come with rain sensors. If you’re out of the building and it starts to rain, the electric windows automatically close to protect your interior. Electric flat roof windows can also integrate into your home’s electrical system for smart home functionality.

Our Brands

At Roof Window Outlet, we work with the very best brands in the business to offer our customers the highest quality products. We stock the full range of electric flat roof windows from four renowned companies: Mardome, Fakro, Velux and Keylite. With these four brands, you’re guaranteed an exceptional window and a quality finish. Plus, with products ranging in price, you can choose an electric flat roof window that suits your style as well as your budget.

Each of our partner brands offers unique benefits. Fakro is known for its contemporary style and innovative designs. Velux offers an unparalleled range of sizes and accessories. Mardome specialises in providing maximum natural light and energy efficiency. And Keylite is the ideal choice for those prioritising value and cost-effectiveness. With options from these four industry leaders, we can meet any flat roof window need.

Our Products

Our four suppliers are celebrated not only for the quality and craftsmanship of their electric windows but also for their unique designs and flexible approach. With each brand focused on offering windows that meet a range of requirements, we are able to provide our customers with endless possibilities when it comes to size, transparency and finish.

Our electric flat roof windows come in a range of styles to meet all manner of needs. From frosted domes to quadruple glazed passive options, we have an electric flat roof window for you. Plus, each of our brands also offers a selection of interior and exterior finishes so you can achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

Our Guarantee

When you buy from Roof Window Outlet, you’re guaranteed a top-quality product that has been properly vetted for durability, safety and precision. That’s why we’re proud to be able to offer a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee on every single roof window we sell.

We stand behind the products we sell and want our customers to feel confident in their purchase. Our extensive quality control process ensures that all flat roof windows are subjected to rigorous testing for weather performance, security features, insulation, and noise reduction. We also inspect each window unit carefully prior to delivery to prevent any defects or damage.

Every electric flat roof window comes with a comprehensive 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. This covers any manufacturing faults, malfunctions, or premature wear and tear. We also provide dedicated customer service and technical support to assist with any warranty-related issues. Should any problem arise with your flat roof skylights, flat glass rooflights or domes, we’re here to help.

Enhancing Your Lifestyle

Ultimately, electric flat roof windows are about enhancing your lifestyle. More than just convenient operation or energy efficiency, they improve your daily life.

Natural sunlight and fresh air are essential to human health and happiness. Electric skylights, flat rooflights and domes like Fakro’s DEC-C U8 Z-Wave Electric Opening Quadruple Glazed ‘Passive’ Domed Flat Roof Window flood your rooms with gentle natural daylight to lift your mood. Smart sensors automatically open your flat roof windows to circulate fresh air when desired. Acoustic glass dampens noisy distractions from traffic, hail and rain for relaxing spaces.

By turning awkward attic rooms into beautiful new living areas, electric flat roof windows also give you flexible additional space to enjoy. Add a sun-filled yoga studio, lush plant sanctuary, or cosy reading nook. With bespoke sizes and contemporary designs available, the possibilities are endless.

Here at Roof Window Outlet, our goal is to help enhance your lifestyle. Contact our dedicated team today to discover how our range of electric flat roof windows can improve your home and daily life.

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