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Electric Flat Roof Windows

Electric flat roof windows come into their own when access for opening is difficult or restricted. 

No matter what your project, electrically operated flat roof windows are perfect for turning awkward, dingy rooms into light-filled and inviting spaces. Electric roof windows sit discreetly on horizontal surfaces, making the most of every ray of sunshine that hits your roof. 

Electrically opening roof windows are ideal for style-conscious buyers, and they’re also highly thermally efficient and come in a wide range of styles – all with electric operation….Read more….

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Why choose electric roof windows for your home?

Electric flat roof windows allow you to install flat roof windows in hard-to-reach corners of the home. 

Electric roof windows will enable you to adjust your glazing as and when needed, with the touch of a pre-paired wall switch, a control pad, or a mobile app. 

This means that even if your ceiling is too high to reach, or it’s located in an awkward position, you can still achieve a beautifully bright and airy interior with an easy-to-operate electric roof light.

How does an electric roof window protect interiors?

An added benefit is that electric flat roof windows also come with rain sensors. If you’re out of the house and it starts to rain, your electric roof windows will close automatically, keeping your interior protected from the weather.

Electric flat roof windows can also be integrated into your home’s electrical system, for ultimate smart home functionality.


At Roof Window Outlet, we work with the very best brands in the business, to offer our customers the highest quality products.

We stock the full range of electric flat roof windows from three renowned companies: Fakro, Velux and Keylite. With these three brands, you’re guaranteed an exceptional electrical roof window and a quality finish.

Plus, with electric skylights ranging in price, you can choose an electric flat roof window that suits your style, as well as your budget.


Our three suppliers are not only celebrated for the quality and craftsmanship of their electric roof windows, but also for their unique designs and flexible approach. 

Each brand is focused on offering windows that meet a range of requirements. We are able to provide our customers with endless possibilities when it comes to size, transparency, finish and thermal efficiency.

What styles of electric roof windows are available?

Our electric flat roof windows come in a range of styles, to meet all manner of needs. From frosted domes to quadruple glazed passive options, we have an electric flat roof window for you. 

Plus, our brands each offer a selection of interior and exterior finishes with their electric skylight windows, so you can achieve the look you’ve always wanted.


When you buy from Roof Window Outlet, whether you’re opting for an electric flat roof window, or any of our other roof windows, you’re guaranteed a top quality product that has been properly vetted for durability, safety and precision. 

That’s why we’re proud to be able to offer a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee on every single roof window we sell, not only our electric roof lights.

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