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White Polyurethane Pitched Roof Windows

White polyurethane pitched roof windows for situations where humidity levels are raised. With a vast range of pitched roof windows on the market, choosing the right option for your home can be an overwhelming task. When making your decision, there are a few things to bear in mind – not least size, style and operation. Another important factor to consider before you buy is which interior finish will work best for your project….Read more….

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At Roof Window Outlet, our collection of pitched roof windows covers an assortment of exterior and interior finishes, so you can find a product that ticks all the right boxes. As well as pine, white painted and PVC pitched roof windows, we also stock many white polyurethane styles. White polyurethane has long been the most popular choice when it comes to roof windows – and there’s good reason…


In recent years, homeowners have been seeking modern pitched roof windows that offer style, simplicity and durability. Demand for sleek and minimalist windows has grown, with people looking for glazing that doesn’t detract from their interior décor. This is why white polyurethane pitched roof windows have become so popular.

As well as being simple and sleek in their design, which means they suit any interior style. White polyurethane windows are also highly resistant to moisture. Boasting a solid timber core, these windows are coated in a highly durable moulded polyurethane layer. This makes them a fantastic option for humid spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms. They will resist mould and are easy to wipe clean.

Due to high demand, white polyurethane windows have also become far more affordable in recent years. Making them great for budget-conscious buyers. They’re also extremely low-maintenance; they don’t require treating and can be wiped clean with ease.


We work with the very best names in the roof window industry, to provide our customers with the highest quality products, all at fantastic prices. We stock the full range of white polyurethane roof windows from three celebrated names: Velux, Fakro and Keylite.

By offering the complete collection from each manufacturer, we are able to cover a breadth of style and price points. From double, triple and passive models, to fixed, manual, and electric options. We have a wide array of white polyurethane pitched roof window for all budgets.


Each of our partners is passionate about their reputation. This means they work continuously to test and improve their products. So, no matter which brand or model you buy, you will be investing in a window that exceeds industry standards for safety, strength, quality and durability. This is why we are able to provide our customers with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee as standard.

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