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Selecting the right roof window can transform your home into a sanctuary of light and ventilation. If you’re searching for the best roof windows, there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled upon Keylite. As some of the best in the industry, they offer a wide range of high-quality roof windows designed to meet the needs of various spaces.

As you look through Keylite’s products you might be wondering – what are the different opening sizes and which is right for my property?

Read on as we break down everything you need to know about Keylite roof window opening sizes.

Introducing Keylite roof windows

Keylite has designed windows since 2001, creating innovative designs that help transform people’s homes into new spaces. With easy installation, energy-efficient designs and a distinctive style – there is a lot to be excited about. However, before diving into opening sizes, Keylite has a few types of roof windows on offer:

Each of these can be chosen for a different reason. Flat roof windows are the best choice for horizontal or pitched roofs. Pitched roof windows are best for slanted walls or ceilings. Sun tunnels offer a dose of diffused light for small, enclosed spaces.

Consider which of these is right for your space before taking a look at opening sizes.

Keylite roof windows opening sizes

Centre pivot roof windows

Keylite offer a series of centre pivot roof windows. These have been designed to offer an easy-to-use solution for bringing light into your living space. The opening size is a key factor to consider, ensuring that the window in question is compatible with your room and roof structure. Some of the most common opening sizes for centre pivot roof windows include:

  • 55cm x 78cm – Ideal for smaller rooms or spaces with a limited roof area, providing a compact but effective solution for adding natural light.
  • 78cm x 98cm – Mid-size option that is the best fit for many different types of rooms.
  • 114cm x 118cm – Perfect for rooms with large ceilings, offering a generous opening that floods the space with natural light.

Top-hung roof windows

Among Keylite’s impressive range of roof windows, you will also find a series of top-hung designs.

What does top-hung mean? In short, a top-hung window is a structure characterised by its unique opening mechanism. Unlike traditional windows that open from the side, a top-hung window uses pivots at the top of the frame allowing the bottom to swing outward.

Some of the main reasons why you might choose a top-hung window are unobstructed views, enhanced ventilation – especially in the summertime – and a modern style.

Here are some of the most common opening sizes for top-hung roof windows:

  • 55cm x 78cm – This compact size is an excellent choice for rooms where a smaller window is preferred.
  • 78cm x 98cm – A versatile opening size, catering to various room configurations. This is best suited for bedrooms, home offices and other areas where you need natural light and ventilation.
  • 94cm x 160cm – For anyone looking to make a bold statement and create a focal point in larger rooms, this larger opening size ensures a substantial influx of sunlight and increased ventilation. It’s an ideal choice for expansive living areas, lofts or spaces with high ceilings.

Can’t find the opening size you need?

While Keylite offers a diverse array of roof windows with various opening sizes, sometimes finding the perfect fit for your specific needs can be challenging.

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry – you have other options.

At Roof Window Outlet, we understand the importance of choice. That’s why we also provide an extensive selection of roof windows from other leading brands, including Velux and FAKRO. These brands offer their unique dimensions and features, ensuring that you can find a roof window that aligns perfectly with your requirements and enhances your living space.

Find the perfect Keylite roof window for you

With so many roof windows to choose from, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed. We’ve gone over some of the best opening sizes for you, but which one is right for your property? If you are feeling overwhelmed – don’t panic!

Roof Window Outlet is here to help. We stock a variety of roof windows from some of the top brands in the industry, including VELUX, Fakro and – of course – Keylite.

If you need any help selecting the perfect Keylite roof window for your home, get in contact with our expert team today. Call us on 0207-550-6595, or email us at

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