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Velux Sun Tunnels

Velux Sun Tunnels

For some homeowners, there simply isn’t the space or capacity for installing traditional roof windows. But luckily, there is a way that every interior can be flooded with natural light with the help of a sun tunnel. These clever and discrete glazing elements can be fitted into flat or pitched roofs in order to redirect sunlight into difficult or gloomy parts of the home, like a dark hallway or dark corridors.

At Roof Window Outlet, we’re passionate about offering our customers fantastic glazing alternatives and promise a superior finish and exceptional performance every time. This is why we’re proud to be able to offer our clients the full range of sun tunnels from one of the most celebrated names in the industry: Velux.

Why Buy Velux Sun Tunnels

Velux is one of the most prominent names in quality roof windows, for very good reason. This acclaimed company has been producing world-renowned, award-winning glazing for over 70 years. As a name you can really rely on, Velux offers a vast collection of sun tunnels to suit a variety of requirements.

A Velux light tube is suitable for a range of roof types and can be installed anywhere where there are six metres or less between the ceiling and the roof. The highly reflective tube draws natural daylight inside and redirects it to where it’s needed most, meaning you can fit a Velux sun tunnel in your hallway, bathroom, or basement – the possibilities are endless!

Improved Design

Thanks to Velux’s decades of experience, it has had plenty of time to tweak and perfect its designs in order to make them as efficient and durable as possible. Over the years, the company has invested heavily in improvements that have reduced installation times dramatically. The latest sun tunnels from Velux have been meticulously restyled, cutting assembly times in half.

The brand’s new Flexi-Loc system means that the tunnel can be inserted into the roof and adjusted before the various pieces are locked firmly into place. The tunnel can then be screwed down and secured. Your Velux sun tunnel can simply be dropped into place, meaning it can be installed in places where access to an attic space isn’t possible. What’s even better is that the tube can be unscrewed and cleaned whenever needed, making maintenance an absolute breeze.

Supreme Performance

Velux produces sun tunnels for both flat and pitched roofs and not only promises a streamlined finish but exceptional reflectance results, too. The latest sun tunnels from Velux each come with a specially designed diffuser pane known as EdgeGlow. This clear polycarbonate ring effortlessly disperses sunlight evenly through the room, allowing homeowners to experience the natural contours of the sun as it travels throughout the day. This is something that can only be achieved with a Velux sun tunnel.

By offering sun tunnels for both flat and pitched roofs, Velux offers options for all requirements. Suitable for flat roofs between 0° and 15° and pitched roofs between 15° and 60°, Velux offers both flex and rigid systems that will work for a range of homes.

Flex tunnels are perfect for when the distance between the roof and ceiling is too small or awkward, rendering the use of a rigid tunnel impossible. While rigid tunnels send light from the roof to the necessary interior space in a straight, uninterrupted line, Velux’s flexi systems are supplied in two 45-degree bends, allowing the tunnel to work around any disruptions without your roofline.

Reliability Guarantee

What’s even better, every single roof window product that Velux makes, including its sun tunnels and all associated glazing units, is supported by a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Yet the company is very proud to say that the majority of Velux customers never need to rely on this warranty, highlighting the quality and durability of its products.

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