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PVC Pitched Roof Windows

When choosing new glazing for your home, there are plenty of things to bear in mind. As well as the size, style and opening mechanism of the roof window, you’ll also need to decide which interior frame finish will work best for you.

At Roof Window Outlet, we stock a wide selection of pitched roof windows in an array of finishes so you can select a style that truly reflects your requirements. As well as white-painted, polyurethane and pine pitched roof windows, we also have a wide choice of PVC styles.

A popular glazing option with many homeowners and developers, PVC pitched roof windows offer endless benefits. As well as being one of the most affordable frame options, PVC windows are incredibly easy to maintain. This makes them hard-wearing and resistant to damage and deterioration. In addition, PVC windows are the most energy-efficient solution on the market.


At Roof Window Outlet, we stock the very best PVC pitched roof windows around. In order to do so, we have joined forces with three of the most revered companies in the roof window business. We stock the full range of PVC options from Fakro, Keylite and Velux. If you’re looking for exemplary PVC models that will last you for years to come, then these manufacturers won’t let you down.

Velux is one of the leading manufacturers of roof windows. Their centre pivot windows such as Velux GGU High Thermal Triple Glazed PVC Coated Centre Pivot Pitched Roof Window are designed for easy and convenient operation. Velux offers a wide range of glazing options, including double and triple glazing with laminated inner and outer panes. They use high-quality materials for durable and sustainable products.

Keylite provides a range of Roof Window solutions, including their Keylite Polar White Thermal Double Glazed PVC Centre Pivot Pitched Roof Window. Keylite uses galvanised steel profiles for strength and durability against humidity. Their roof windows feature built-in rain sensors and flashing kits for water resistance.

Fakro is known for its innovative roof window designs and high energy efficiency. Their PVC roof windows come in a variety of styles to suit any building requirements. Fakro offers features like electric operation, smoke ventilation, and aerodynamic profiles to optimise airflow.

By partnering with these leading brands, Roof Window Outlet can provide our customers with a wide selection of top-quality PVC pitched roof windows to meet all needs and budgets.


Simple, affordable and practical, PVC pitched roof windows work well in an array of constructions. A fantastic investment, PVC windows offer surprisingly long lifespans. They’re durable and resistant to distortion, meaning PVC glazing is also built to survive all conditions. Plus, thanks to their smooth, water-resistant surfaces, PVC windows like Velux GGU Double Glazed Smoke Vent PVC Coated Centre Pivot Pitched Roof Window are also easy to care for, making them the ideal solution for a variety of uses.

Whether you’re looking for passive, double or triple glazing, manual, electric or solar windows, we have a PVC pitched roof window that will meet your needs. What’s more, by supplying the full range of products from each of our partners, we are able to offer an extensive range of options to meet all style and budget requirements.


By partnering with the best manufacturers around, we are able to provide our customers with top-quality roof windows at exceptional prices. By only stocking models from established and highly regarded brands, we are also able to reassure our customers that they are investing in a window that has been properly inspected against important safety and strength criteria. This allows us to offer each of our customers a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee with every purchase.

We know that investing in new glazing is a big decision. That’s why we aim to make the process as smooth as possible. Our website allows you to easily find the right products for your needs. What’s more, we have some fantastic special offers available, so you can purchase high-quality roof windows at affordable prices.

We also understand that quick delivery is important when working to a critical deadline. That’s why we provide free delivery across the UK for orders that are over £420, including VAT. 

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