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Pitched roof windows and their benefits

Pitched roof windows are suited to a wide range of properties, from large residential developments to home renovation schemes and even commercial buildings. So, whether you’re building a house from scratch or simply want to increase the natural light inside your current abode, pitched roof windows will be a fantastic investment.

Also known as skylights, pitched roof windows are not just great for improving interior light levels. Firstly, they will enhance the ventilation and air flow in your home. Secondly, they make a fantastic style statement and can completely transform the look and feel of a room. There are also plenty of design options and finishes to choose from. So, this in-depth guide to pitched roof windows will enable you to pick an option that works for you.

What are pitched roof windows?

Pitched roof windows can be installed into sloping ceilings, drawing additional sunlight down into the home. Utilising otherwise redundant ceiling space, they are ideal for light-challenged rooms and humid spaces, such as attics and bathrooms. No matter where you install them, they will instantly transform your interior.

Additionally, pitched roof windows will improve the air quality in your home. They’re known for increasing ventilation levels and removing humid air from hard working spaces, simply because hot air rises. Moisture-resistant pitched roof windows will also stop condensation building up in your kitchen. What’s more, pitched roof windows add real wow-factor to a room. If all this wasn’t enough, they’re also highly thermally efficient and can help protect you and your family against harsh UV rays.

Style choices

At Roof Window Outlet, we stock a wide range of pitched roof windows to suit all types of projects. From opaque glass that’s perfect for bathrooms, to electric windows that can be adjusted at the touch of a button. Generally, there are two types of window you can choose from: top-hung and centre pivot. Top hung models are great for spaces that require lots of ventilation, since they open fully, while centre pivot models open from the middle of the frame, making them a safe and secure option. We also stock double, triple and passive glass models, which are fantastic insulators.

As for styles and finishing touches, you can customise your windows to suit your needs. Some pitched roof windows feature toughened glass or burglar-resistant features, which makes them perfect for business premises or safety-conscious homeowners. Others can be opened and closed remotely, controlled via a wall-mounted switch or mobile phone app. There are even models that feature innovative rain sensors, that automatically close the sash during rainfall. As for interior design, there are plenty of choices. From pine to pvc, we have something to suit your home and style.

Our manufacturers

It goes without saying that we only stock the best products in the industry. We pride ourselves on quality and innovation, which is why we work with three of the biggest names in the business: Fakro, Keylite and Velux. These companies are known and celebrated for their designs and superior craftsmanship. Every single window is expertly made and thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory, so you know that no matter what product you buy, it will be of the highest possible quality.

In conclusion, our windows come with a 10-year guarantee and each of our suppliers offers a dedicated guide to properly maintaining your glazing. This will help you to keep them perfect for years to come. To find out more about all of our products, call us on 0207 3154282 or drop us an email at

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