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Passive Flat Roof Windows

Whether you’re making improvements to your current property or you’re seeking the perfect glazing for your client, we have an abundance of flat roof windows for you to choose from. As well as double and triple glazed models, we also stock a wide range of passive products that will help you achieve the highest levels of thermal performance.

Our extensive range of passive flat roof windows is designed specifically for cold climate regions, providing exceptional insulation against extreme temperatures. With multiple layers of advanced glazing and thermally optimised frames, these windows deliver outstanding energy efficiency and year-round comfort. Allowing abundant natural daylight into the home while preventing heat loss, our passive flat roof windows set a new benchmark for energy-friendly building components.


In order to achieve Passivhaus status, a property must meet numerous energy performance criteria – but you need not be aiming for passive certification in order to enjoy the benefits of passive windows. If you want to lower your carbon emissions, reduce your energy bills, or create an ambient internal temperature all year round, then passive flat roof windows could be ideal for you.

Passive windowsare thermally broken and feature at least three layers of glass, separated by highly efficient protective gas. These airtight layers provide a fantastic level of defence against heat loss, which will enable you to instantly reduce your energy output – not to mention your utility bills! As well as boasting extraordinary thermal performance, passive flat roof windows also provide fantastic airtightness, ridding your home of draughts.


At Roof Window Outlet, we stock the full range of passive flat roof windows from Keylite, Velux, Mardome and Fakro, four of the best manufacturers in the glazing sector. These celebrated companies are renowned for the quality and performance of their products. From quadruple glazed options with flat glass to electric domed models, these suppliers allow us to cater to all styles and budgets.

What’s more, you can also specify numerous custom elements to make your chosen passive windows perfect for your needs. From Anti-burglary toughened glass to wireless electric systems and even built-in rain sensors, you can make your flat roof windows as bespoke and as innovative as you see fit.

Our suppliers use top-quality components and advanced glazing technology to achieve exceptional thermal performance in passive flat roof windows. With innovative frame designs, multi-layered glass, and meticulous construction, these leading manufacturers produce roof windows that meet the highest standards of energy efficiency for contemporary buildings.


Since we only sell products that we have complete faith in, we’re able to provide a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee as standard with every single purchase. This way, you can relax in the knowledge that no matter which product you buy, you’ll be investing in a quality window that will offer exceptional performance for years to come.

What’s more, many of our windows also come with approval from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the UK’s leading construction certification body, the BBA. This means you will not only be investing in a quality window but one that has been recommended by some of the UK’s most respected industry bodies. With third-party certification from respected organisations like FSC and BBA, you can be assured our passive flat roof windows meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

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