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Velux Flat Roof Windows

If you need to find a way to brighten your interior, then flat roof windows could well be the perfect solution. Removing the barrier between the sun and your living areas, overhead glazing will allow you to draw all of the sunshine that hits your roof down into your home. They’re also a great choice for the style-conscious since their placement makes them highly discrete.

If you’re looking for flat roof windows that will offer a flawless finish and unbeatable performance, then explore the exemplary collection from Velux. The world-renowned company has been making exceptional windows for over 70 years, something that is reflected in the quality, durability and thermal efficiency of its products.

Leading the Way

For many decades, Velux has led by example, delivering windows of undeniable quality. Its flat roof windows will not only enable you to achieve an attractive finish but effective results, too. With a vast collection of flat roof windows to choose from, Velux offers a variety of sizes and styles to suit a range of requirements.

Velux offers a unique curved glass roof window with a sleek, arched surface. Known as CurveTech, this product is proven to encourage more natural light than traditional flat roof windows to flood indoors. The edge-to-edge glass means rainwater drains off with ease, and the window is both energy efficient and can be paired with a complementary awning blind for additional indoor comfort.

Velux’s flat roof dome features a highly insulated PVC structure and two layers of low-energy glass, making it fantastic for cancelling out exterior noise and providing excellent sound insulation. Similarly, Velux’s flat glass roof window features a special coating, which makes it incredibly easy to clean and highly durable. It’s also a discreet solution for those wanting a low-impact finish.

No matter what window you select, Velux offers a range of interior and exterior finishes, from obscured glass to low-maintenance PVC, meaning it has a style to suit you and your home. Customers can also add on VELUX INTEGRA® to any flat roof window for remote-controlled operation at the touch of a button.

Designs for Life

As well as classic and modern flat roof windows, Velux also offers two designs for those wanting something more specific. The Velux smoke vent dome is AA fire-rated and has been designed for properties that must adhere to certain safety regulations, such as commercial buildings. Clever and life-saving, this window will automatically open in the event of a fire, allowing smoke to quickly escape. Rather amazingly, the dome can open to its full 50cm in just 60 seconds.

Similarly, the Velux emergency exit dome is ideal for people in need of a stylish yet functional fire escape route, which can provide easy and speedy roof access in the event of an emergency. The double-glazed window is available in three different sizes and features a laminated inner pane for additional safety. It also offers excellent insulation and sound reduction properties.

Guaranteed Performance

What’s even better, every flat roof window that Velux makes comes with a dedicated 10-year guarantee. However, Velux is proud to say that most customers never need to call in this warranty, highlighting the quality of the company’s products. Velux has also committed to offering spare parts for all of its flat roof windows for 25 years, so should any problems develop, you can address them immediately.

A Wealth of Options

With its vast selection of flat roof windows, Velux offers solutions for all types of homes and projects. Choose from a wide range of sizes, from small to large, to find the perfect product for your needs. Options like triple glazing, roller blinds, and pleated blinds allow you to control light and privacy. Velux also provides accessories for easy, successful installation and maximum indoor comfort. Whether you need extra daylight, ventilation, or noise reduction, Velux has flat roof windows to meet your requirements.

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