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Flat-Glass Flat Roof Windows

Flat glass roof windows, sometimes called flat rooflights, are some of the most discrete and effective glazing elements around.

Sitting flush on horizontal surfaces, these flat roof glass windows can be hidden from view, which makes flat glass windows perfect for design-conscious buyers, or those hoping to achieve a sleek finish.

Coming in a plethora of shapes, styles and specifications, flat glass roof windows are fantastic at drawing natural light into dark and dingy spaces….

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At Roof Window Outlet, we stock a comprehensive collection of flat glass roof elements to suit all types of properties.

No matter what your project, or your budget, we will have a flat roof glass that works perfectly for you.

Why choose flat-glass windows?

As well as being highly effective at drawing light indoors, flat roof glass windows are also a fantastic insulator.

Flat glass skylights can be specified with clear or frosted glass, as well as a variety of interior and exterior finishes.

Discrete and unobtrusive, flat-glass skylights are great for those who want the natural light but don’t want to see where it is coming from.

Flat glass windows have sleek and low-profile design to suit your home.

Customising your flat-glass roof window

Regardless of your sizing needs, we will have a flat glass roof window that perfectly meets your requirements.

Suitable for roof pitches between 2° and 15°, our flat glass windows come with fixed, manual, solar, or electric operation.

While electric styles are ideal for difficult areas of the house, manual flat glass windows are perfect for those seeking a quality product on a tighter budget.

By choosing an opening flat rooflight with hinges, you can easily allow fresh air and ventilation into your home.

How extensive is our range of flat-glass windows?

From double glazed options to those quadruple glazed models suitable for passive buildings, our range of flat glass roof windows is extensive.

We also offer a wide range of flat glass skylights in all transparencies, sizes and frame styles, including walk-on and smoke ventilation models, allowing you to make sure every aspect of your chosen flat glass window is just as you would like it.

Who supplies flat-glass roof windows?

Whether you’re looking for a non-opening, frosted or high performance flat glass roof window, our manufacturers have a product to suit.

We offer the full range of flat glass roof windows from Velux, Mardome, Fakro and Keylite, meaning you will have access to some of the best glazing elements on the market.

By stocking every single product that these four acclaimed companies produce, we can ensure that every customer is able to select a flat glass roof window that not only suits their style, but their budget too.

Some of our manufacturers also produce windows that can be installed straight out of the box in just two minutes, enabling you to achieve incredible results with minimal effort.

Flat-glass roof windows for sale

We understand how important it is to achieve a light, bright and inviting home, which is why we only work with the most respected and reliable manufacturers in the roof window sector.

Reassuring you that no matter which flat roof glass model you buy, you’ll be investing in a window of the highest quality, we provide a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee with every single purchase.

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