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Domed Flat Roof Windows

Domed flat roof windows are designed to fit snugly on horizontal surfaces.

Flat roof domed windows come in all shapes and sizes, making them perfect for drawing natural light into awkward and dark areas of the house. 

Thanks to their position directly facing the sun, domed flat roof windows are fantastic at encouraging light to travel indoors, while their discrete placement makes them perfect for the design-conscious….Read more….

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At Roof Window Outlet, we offer a wide range of domed flat roof windows to suit both residential and commercial buildings.

What are the benefits of choosing a domed window?

No matter how your property is designed, there will be a dome rooflight that works for you. As well as curved and flat options, we also offer domed roof windows.

There are various benefits to choosing a flat roof window with a domed cover. 

As well as offering two layers of glass for added insulation and security, domed flat roof windows are low-maintenance, offer fantastic energy performance and provide effective sound reduction. 

Flat roof domes’ curved surface is also thought to work harder to draw natural light inside and the polycarbonate dome also repels rain from gathering on the surface.

Who supplies flat roof dome windows?

With a keen eye for quality and craftsmanship, we’re dedicated to offering our customers the very best domed windows on the market.

We therefore only work with the most trusted and respected names in the business. We offer the full range of domed flat roof lights from Fakro, Velux, and Keylite

These are four brands that can guarantee you an impressive finish. 

Plus, with domed window models starting from just £103.20, you can choose a domed flat roof window that not only suits your style, but your budget as well.

Choosing the right flat roof dome windows for your home

Suitable for roof pitches between 0° and 15°, our domed skylights for flat roofs come with fixed, manual and electric operation, so you can choose the right style for your project. 

While electric domed window models are great for out-of-the-way corners of the house, manual options are ideal for those seeking a quality window on a budget.

Customising your domed ceiling window

Our four suppliers also offer flat roof domed windows in a variety of sizes, transparencies and interior and exterior finishes, so you can make sure every detail of your domed roof light perfectly meets your needs. 

From frosted fixed options, to solar powered quadruple glazed designs, we have a domed flat roof window to suit you.

Flat roof dome windows for sale

Because we understand the importance of choosing glazing that is not only safe, but effective and durable, we guarantee our customers top quality flat roof domes at unbeatable prices. 

Each of our suppliers works hard to properly test their dome rooflights against various safety and performance criteria. 

That’s why we’re able to offer each of our customers a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee as standard.

Need more information?

You can get in touch by phone on 0207 5506595, by email to , or by using the handy contact form here. We would be delighted to hear from you to answer any queries you may have.

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