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Triple Glazed Flat Roof Windows

Triple Glazed Flat Roof Windows

Triple glazed flat roof windows offer massive benefits. No matter what your project, we will have a triple glazed flat roof light for you – but with so many styles to choose from, it can often be difficult to decide between double and triple glazing.

While both are fantastic for drawing in additional natural light, triple glazed rooflights are perfect for those looking to create an extra layer of defence against the elements….Read more….

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While single glazing features one pane of glass, triple glazing boasts three. Sealed cavities with gas sit between each sheet, creating a protective barrier against the exterior environment.

As well as allowing you to create a stylish and light-filled interior, triple glazed flat roof windows have an array of other benefits.

What are the Benefits of Triple Glazing?

Triple glazed flat roof windows offer fantastic insulation, so you will be able to retain your interior warmth, no matter what the weather is doing outside. 

Triple glazed flat roof skylights are the ultimate choice for those living in particularly exposed locations, triple glazed flat roof windows will help you fight against even the harshest winter conditions.

Triple glazing is also extremely thermally efficient, which allows for long-term energy savings. This makes triple glazed rooflights perfect for those looking to achieve the lowest u-value possible, or reduce their carbon output. 

Plus, due to the thickness of the glass, triple glazing can also stop exterior noise in its tracks. This can be very beneficial for homes positioned near busy roads, flight paths or train lines.


We’ve teamed up with some of the best manufacturers in the business, to deliver premium windows of exceptional quality.

We stock the full range of triple glazed flat roof windows from Velux, Mardome, Keylite and Fakro – four companies offering a vast and diverse range of products.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a designer, a merchant or a developer, we will have a triple glazed flat roof skylight for you. 

From fixed domes with frosted glass, to sleek non-opening styles with flat glass, we have a model to suit all needs and price points.

Plus, many of the triple glazed flat roof lights we stock also come with built-in innovations, such as anti-burglary glass, expanding thermal collars and wireless operation, so you can select the perfect product for your home.


Since we only ever supply products from the most respected names in the roof window industry, we are able to guarantee our customers exceptional quality and a high-end finish, every single time. 

That’s why each of the windows we sell comes with a minimum of a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, for total peace of mind. 

Additionally, many of the triple glazed windows we supply are also sanctioned by the FSC and Secured by Design, a government initiative working to improve the security of properties throughout Britain.


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