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Windows significantly enhance spaces by introducing additional natural light, making roof windows a superb option for homeowners. Ideal for illuminating attics, lofts or any room, there’s a roof window suited for every need.

But what if space is a constraint? In cases where the area for a roof window is limited, selecting a compact design becomes essential. The right size ensures a perfect fit and optimal functionality.

Looking for the most compact roof windows available? You’re in the right spot! At Roof Window Outlet, we can help you find the perfect solution for you. Keep reading as we delve into the smallest roof windows available…

The importance of roof window sizes

The size of your roof windows is an important aspect of any home. Firstly, it determines the amount of natural light that will be able to enter the space.

Secondly, the size of your roof window will play an important role in the overall style and practicality of your space. For smaller rooms or confined spaces, small roof windows are often the most practical solution.

Small roof windows: exploring your options…

So, what is the smallest roof window? There are a few you can look at when trying to answer this question – each suitable for different spaces:

Flat roof windows (Smallest size: 55 x 78 cm)

To begin, let’s look at the most common type of roof window. Flat roof windows are designed for spaces with horizontal or low-pitched roofs. They provide natural light to areas that may not be able to have vertical windows. The smallest size available is 55 x 78 cm, ideal for compact spaces where wall/ceiling space is limited. Flat glass rooflights can be installed flat to your roof to minimise the impact externally too.

Flat roof windows are a good choice for a few reasons. Firstly, they act as simple skylights, allowing a lot of natural light to flood a room, creating a brighter and more inviting atmosphere. More than this, they also feature distinctive ventilation options, allowing for fresh air to circulate around the space when needed.

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Pitched roof windows (Smallest size: 55 x 78 cm)

Pitched roof windows are for sloped roofs and act as excellent solutions for attics, lofts or any space with an inclined ceiling. The smallest sizes available – 55 x 78 cm – is a great option for optimising natural light in smaller rooms with a pitched roof.

Pitched roof windows are not just about illumination – they also contribute to the practicality of the room in general. With advanced designs, they often come with energy-efficient features, providing insulation to keep the room comfortable year-round. Pitched roof windows are popular choices for converting attic spaces into functional and well-lit rooms.

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Sun tunnels (Smallest size: 35 cm)

Sun tunnels, also known as tubular skylights or light tubes, are a unique and efficient way to bring natural light into spaces where traditional windows or skylights may not be practical. The smallest size, such as the 35 cm option, is suitable for smaller rooms or areas where a compact and unobtrusive lighting solution is needed. They are often used in tiny spaces such as walk-in wardrobes.

Sun tunnels capture sunlight using a dome on the roof, which is then directed through a reflective tube into the interior space. The result is a soft, diffused light that mimics natural sunlight.

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Considerations when choosing a small roof window

Room Size

Ensure that the size of the window complements the dimensions of the room. A smaller window might be ideal for cosy spaces, while larger rooms may benefit from multiple or larger windows.

Sun tunnels are perfect for tiny rooms like walk-in wardrobes or small hallways. The idea is to match the type of roof window to the size of the space you want to change.


Consider the type of ventilation you prefer. Top-hung windows offer a clear view when opened, while centre pivot windows provide easy cleaning options. You should also consider the opening size of the window.


Choose a material that suits your style preferences and maintenance requirements. PVC, wood and metal are common options, each with unique characteristics. You’ll find that there are options for each, depending on what you are looking for – although some materials are common across all, high-quality roof window designers.

Find the perfect small roof window with Roof Window Outlet

Finding the smallest roof window for your home can feel like a struggle. Thankfully, Roof Window Outlet is here to help you every step of the way! With a collection of small roof windows from industry-leading designers like Keylite, Velux and FAKRO – you’ll be able to find the perfect-sized roof window for your property.

If you need help selecting the perfect small roof window for your home, then you can get in contact with our helpful team today. Call us on 0207-550-6595 or email our team at and we’ll get back to you!

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