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Depending on the style and layout of your home, achieving a light-filled interior might not be as straightforward as simply fitting new windows – and this is where sun tunnels can assist. Allowing you to encourage natural light into out-of-the-way spaces, sun tunnels channel sunlight from your roof directly into awkward corners of the home, like corridors and hallways.

Sun tunnels can be installed discretely into outside walls or rooftops, ideal for areas such as windowless bathrooms. A reflective tube with a special reflective coating draws sunlight inside, and a diffuser disperses it at the other end. Sun tunnels are capable of moving through the building and can turn up to 90°, meaning one can be installed far away from where the natural light is actually needed. Simply select your chosen brand, size and style, and leave us to deal with the rest!


We’re delighted to be able to offer our customers the full range of sun tunnels from Keylite, Velux and Fakro – three prominent names noted for their technical expertise, attention to detail and design innovation. When buying from us, you can rest assured that your purchase has been thoroughly examined for performance and durability. Plus, with sun tunnels capable of meeting various budgets and requirements, we have a product that will help you totally transform your interior.

With options like Rigid Sun Tunnels and Flexible Sun Tunnels, and kits available for Flat Roof and Pitched Roof installations, there are sun tunnel solutions ideal for virtually any application. Popular 14-inch diameter options provide excellent light transmission for most domestic settings. Using highly reflective tubes and quality diffuser materials like real glass, these leading brands offer exceptional solutions for introducing natural daylight into any space.

Keylite Sun Tunnels

Known for offering streamlined elegance and award-winning design, Keylite offers an extensive range of rigid and flexi sun tunnels. Its Sunlite Light Tube System transports daylight into spaces where conventional windows simply couldn’t be installed, enabling even the darkest corners of your home to be filled with natural light. Plus, if you opt for its recommended 350mm diameter Rigid Light Tube System, you’ll be able to achieve 98% reflectance for truly unbelievable results.

With options like the 350mm diameter providing excellent light transmission for most applications, Keylite’s innovative solutions are an ideal choice. The highly reflective tubes and quality diffuser materials like real glass ensure exceptional performance in directing natural light deep into buildings.

Velux Sun Tunnels

For almost eight decades, Velux has been producing exceptional glazing of the highest standards. A name you can trust, Velux offers a comprehensive range of sun tunnels to suit a variety of roof styles. Buying Velux will not only ensure fantastic results but a stylish finish, too. Its sun tunnels are suitable for tiled or slate roofs and pitched roofs between 15° and 60°.

With options like the Velux Rigid Sun Tunnel, there are solutions ideal for shorter distances between the roof and ceiling. Velux also offers Flat Roof Kits using special components for flat roof applications. With popular 350mm diameter choices and highly reflective tubes for maximum light transmission, Velux Sun Tunnels are an excellent choice for directing natural daylight into any space.

Fakro Sun Tunnels

Established in 1991, Fakro is admired for its attractive designs and highly competitive prices. It is no wonder that this company is now the world’s fastest-growing roof window manufacturer. With a range of sun tunnels to choose from, Fakro’s collection will allow you to select the optimum size and type to suit your individual needs, leading to a fantastic outcome every single time.

Fakro offers solutions for pitched and flat roof applications, with options like the Fakro Rigid Sun Tunnel an ideal choice for shorter distances between roof and ceiling. Using highly reflective tubes for maximum light transmission and quality diffuser materials, Fakro Sun Tunnels provide an exceptional solution for introducing natural daylight into any space.


Since we stock the full range of sun tunnels from each of these industry-leading manufacturers, we’re able to offer homeowners and professionals endless choices so they can make a decision that’s right for their needs. With flexi and rigid systems of various sizes and lengths, we have a style to suit every requirement and budget. With unmatched light reflectance results, Click-Fit installation and Self-Cleaning Glass available, our exemplary sun tunnels are sure to deliver unbeatable results.

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