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Roof windows are a fantastic way to open up a living space in your property. With glass, wood, metal and a clever opening mechanism – you’ll be able to transform a room into a haven of natural light.

While there are many brands you can choose when buying roof windows, one that stands out is Keylite. But why should you purchase a Keylite roof window? In the following guide, we’re going to explore 7 key reasons why you should purchase a Keylite roof window.

Reasons to purchase Keylite Roof Windows

1. Natural light

Keylite roof windows can maximise the amount of natural light that enters a room. This means that if you choose a Keylite roof window, you will be able to create a brighter, more welcoming environment. This also reduces your need to use artificial light during the day, leading to energy savings.

2. Energy efficiency

Keylite windows are designed to be airtight for cold days and open wide for hot days. This means that you will be able to have a warmer home during the winter, and a cooler home during the summer.

This thermal efficiency can significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs, meaning you won’t have to pay so much for central heating or air conditioning. In short, this will contribute to making your home more sustainable.

3. Easy installation

Installing a roof window might seem like a daunting task. But that’s not how it is with Keylite roof windows. Each of their products have been designed for easy installation. With an innovative design that accommodates quick and easy fitting, both homeowners and contractors can expect a simple, hassle-free installation. This will save both time and labour costs.

4. Design options

Another great reason to choose a Keylite roof window is the range of design options available for you. Whether you are searching for something modern or traditional, Keylite has a range of styles and finishes to fix different architecture objectives. You can find classic pivoting windows, more contemporary fixed options or even electrically operated models.

No matter your needs, there’s a good chance Keylite has the perfect roof window for you. Here are some of the designs Keylite offer for your consideration, as well as some additional accessories to stand alongside these products.

5. Enhanced ventilation

During those hot summer months, having proper ventilation throughout your house can be vital. Keylite roof windows excel in this area, allowing for adjustable ventilation, meaning you will be able to control the flow of fresh air in your home. This will not only help to keep you cool but will also reduce condensation and improve air quality.

6. Durability

Keylite roof windows are designed to last. Made with high-quality materials, they have been created to withstand anything the elements throw at them, including wind, rain, snow and ice. This design objective means that you won’t need to worry about constant repairs or replacements – making them well worth their initial price in the long run.

Each Keylite product features Warm Edge glazing which helps to protect against condensation. They also come with a built-in insect filter that helps to combat unwanted pests or dirt from your home.

7. Reliability

Keylite is one of Europe’s fastest-growing window manufacturers. With a collection of windows to suit all kinds of projects, they have won many accolades from official bodies such as Barrat Development PLC and the Builders Merchant Journal. Keylite products also come with third-party certifications, such as accreditation from Constructionline, FSC and Investors in People.

As well as this, all Keylite windows are covered by a handy 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee. This means that any problems you run into will be covered.

Choose the perfect Keylite roof window for your property

Keylite is a trusted name within the window manufacturing industry for a reason. If you’re searching for the perfect roof window for your property, they should be a top choice for you to consider.

At Roof Window Outlet, we supply the very best Keylite roof windows so you don’t have to spend hours searching. Each product has all the information you need to make an informed decision. But feel free to contact our expert team for more information.

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