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Top Hung Pitched Roof Windows

Fantastic for creating a light-filled and inviting interior, pitched roof windows are known to let in three times more light than standard windows, which is why they’ve become so popular with homeowners and architects alike. As well as a size and finish to suit all budgets and projects, there are two opening styles for you to choose from: top hung and centre pivot.

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While centre pivot options open from the middle of the frame, top hung pitched roof windows allow the full window to lift from the top of the frame. As well as providing a large pane of glass to encourage in even more sunlight, top hung pitched roof windows have a number of other benefits.  Here are just a few…

Frame your view

Although they can realistically be installed anywhere in the roofline, top hung pitched roof windows were initially designed to sit at eye level, in order to allow homeowners to enjoy unobstructed views outside. Top hung windows can open to any position up to 45°, meaning the entire window can be lifted well above the eye line. This makes top hung pitched roof windows the perfect choice for those living in scenic areas, who want to make the most of their views.

Safe and secure

As well as allowing for an unobstructed panorama, top hung roof windows are also considered safer than many other types of windows, since the frame of the glass lifts to a position away from the body. While centre pivot styles partly open inwards, potentially causing a hazard, top hung windows open fully outwards.

Top hung options are also specifically designed to help provide a safe escape route in the event of an emergency, making them ideal for attic rooms and commercial properties.  Fire escape windows must open by at least 450mm, allowing people to easily fit through the gap and make their way onto the roof. For example, Keylite’s Thermal Double Glazed Pine Fire Escape Pitched Roof Window offers high security double glazed construction with a toughened outer pane, and will open all the way to provide an unobstructed exit.

Easy installation and maintenance

Due to the very fact that top hung pitched roof windows are designed to be fitted at eye level, they are incredibly easy to install. Your builder or contractor will be able to stand inside the home to fit the window into place, reducing the costs associated with scaffolding or other installation equipment.  

Many modern top hung pitched roof windows also offer easy maintenance. Since the glass is elevated from the top of the frame, access to the exterior pane isn’t always easy. This is why our manufacturers offer self-cleaning glass or interior rotation through to 180°. The Velux GPL Double Glazed Acrylic Coated Top Hung Pitched Roof Window, for example, boasts maintenance-free exterior covers, a ventilation flap and integrated dust and insect filters, to help you keep your glazing in pristine condition.


We stock the full range of top hung pitched roof windows from three highly respected manufacturers: Fakro, Velux and Keylite. Known for the quality of their products, these renowned suppliers offer top hung pitched roof windows to meet a range of needs, so you can find the right option for your project. From sleek and contemporary glazing with fantastic thermal performance, to triple glazed windows finished with traditional pine, our manufacturers have a product to suit you.

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