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Introducing natural light and fresh air into your home can easily transform your living space. Whether you’re looking to brighten up your kitchen, bathroom or dull hallway, a roof window is the perfect solution.

If you’re unfamiliar with roof windows, it’s crucial to understand which options will match your needs. Choosing inappropriate roof windows can result in problems such as leaks, inadequate insulation and ongoing maintenance troubles.

Read on for six compelling reasons why FAKRO’s high-quality and durable roof windows are the ideal choice for your home.

1. Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is at the heart of FAKRO’s product design. These roof windows are built to provide excellent insulation, helping to reduce heat loss during the winter and keep your home cooler during the summer.

Unlike other manufacturers who only give U-values (a measure of heat loss) for the glass, FAKRO provides U-values for the entire window. For example, FAKRO’s standard manual opening domed flat roof window has an excellent U-value of 1.2 W/m2K, Also, their standard pivot windows perform better than many other brands’ windows.

2. Enhanced safety and security

Safety and security are paramount in FAKRO’s window designs. FAKRO roof windows use strong glass and a reinforced structure, making them very safe (meeting class III safety standards) for both the frame and glass.

FAKRO was the first to offer windows that meet this high level of safety, leading the way in the roof window industry. Some types of FAKRO’s flat roof windows feature the highest impact resistance class, integrated lock systems and robust frames to ensure your home remains safe from break-ins and accidents.

3. High quality and durability

FAKRO roof windows stand out for their quality and longevity. They are made from superior materials and are built to endure severe weather.

The windows feature a reinforced structure known as the topSafe system. This innovation is important for user safety and preventing break-ins from the outside.

The topSafe system is great for enhancing the windows’ resistance to forced entry. It also prevents the window sash from opening if someone accidentally steps on it.  This sturdy construction also means that they will add lasting value to your home.

4. Ample natural light

The design of FAKRO roof windows can maximise natural light in your home, particularly in loft spaces where lighting can often be insufficient.

The windows are made in a special way to let in more sunlight as they have a unique shape for the frame and the opening part. Also, the air vent is at the top of the frame, which helps with better airflow and lets in more natural light. By putting in FAKRO roof windows, you can make your attic or any room under the roof brighter and more inviting during the day.

5. Innovative designs

Roof windows come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, suitable for all designs – whether classic or contemporary. FAKRO is recognised for its innovative window designs, integrating smoothly with the existing decor of your home, improving its overall look.

So, whether you’re looking for pivot windows, top-hung windows, or skylights with built-in blinds, FAKRO has an option that will meet your specific requirements.

The company uses pine, which is eco-friendly as it is sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forests.

This attention to detail in timber treatment sets FAKRO apart from other manufacturers and encourages customers to appreciate the finishes of FAKRO products.

6. Easy to use

Designed for easy use, FAKRO roof windows can be operated effortlessly no matter where they’re installed. They come with features like remote control and simple opening mechanisms, allowing you to bring in fresh air and sunlight easily.

FAKRO’s “bracket fix” system makes installing the windows easy. You can quickly attach them to rafters, battens, or sarking. This makes the whole installation process simple and trouble-free.

Innovative, high-quality roof windows

Investing in FAKRO roof windows is a smart choice if you want to improve your home’s light, air flow and comfort. FAKRO windows are high-quality, effective and well-designed, offering many advantages for your roof.

At Roof Window Outlet, we stock an impressive range of both flat roof windows and pitched roof windows by FAKRO, so you can take your pick from the best products for your home. Any questions? Contact our team today on 0207 5506595 or email us at

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