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When exploring the world of window guarantees, particularly skylights and roof windows, three major brands often come into the conversation – Keylite, Fakro, and Velux. These brands are renowned for their quality, innovation and the assurances they offer to customers.

Let’s have a closer look at the guarantees that these brands offer.

Keylite roof windows

A prominent name in the construction industry, Keylite provides high-quality roof windows that combine innovative design with functionality. Their guarantee provides users with a clear understanding of the coverage, including protection against defects in materials, production and structural faults. It’s a customer-centric approach that reflects the company’s dedication to delivering reliable and long-lasting products.

Length of guarantee

Keylite roof windows and flashings are backed by a 10-year guarantee, starting from the day of delivery. This guarantee covers:

  • Roof windows, including glazing
  • Flashings
  • Sunlite flat roof dome
  • Flat roof lantern

They also offer a new 20-year guarantee on certain products.


Keylite’s guarantee has certain exclusions, such as:

  • Knots in the wood
  • Discoloration
  • Cosmetic changes like pane sealant alterations
  • Reduction in efficiency over time
  • The user must prove that defects don’t arise from faulty installation, misuse or neglecting maintenance

Claim process

For initial product defects, users must register a claim within two months of purchase. If a repair is needed, Keylite provides spare parts free of charge. If repairs cause significant inconvenience, Keylite may cover labour, spare parts and maintenance costs.

Replacements are provided free of charge, subject to prior agreement with Keylite, as well as being reimbursed for returned products, upon Keylite’s approval.

Fakro roof windows

Fakro is a big name in the world of roof windows, with their products available in more than 60 countries. But what really sets them apart is their dedication to innovation and development in roof windows.

The Fakro guarantee

Whether buying natural pine, PU-coated pine or PVC, Fakro offers a 10-year warranty for all windows and glazing units. They also offer a no-quibble lifetime warranty against damage by hail stones.

The company’s solid 10-year warranty assures customers of their commitment to quality. This guarantee covers the roof windows, skylights and flashings, ensuring they are free from defects in material and installer workmanship under normal use.

However, FAKRO’s warranty doesn’t cover certain parts like remote controls and motors.

Velux roof windows

The Velux product guarantee assures customers of quality and support for their products. Velux’s 10-year guarantee covers leaks, ensuring both the product and its installation are of high quality. It’s a unique offer in the market, showing Velux’s confidence in their windows and the installation process. Key points include:


10 years cover for roof windows, flat roof windows, domes, base units, sun tunnels and modular skylights (conditions apply for high humidity areas).

3 years cover for decoration and sunscreening products, manual and powered operation products, motors for window control and sunscreening.


Velux’s window guarantee covers defects from manufacturing and materials. It doesn’t cover cosmetic conditions, natural material variations, accidental damage, defects from misuse, inappropriate handling, modifications and external factors like weather.


The guarantee excludes issues arising from installation errors, incompatible parts, neglect in maintenance, exposure to harsh conditions and unauthorised repairs.

Claim procedure

To make a claim, the customer must notify Velux in writing within the guarantee period and no later than two months after recognising the defect.

Comparing window guarantees

While all three companies provide a 10-year guarantee, each has its own unique focus and coverage.

Keylite offers a comprehensive guarantee that covers a wide range of their products, ensuring wide protection for customers.

Fakro, while also providing a 10-year window guarantee, has specific exclusions like remote controls and motors in their coverage.

Velux stands out with a distinctive 10-year installation warranty. This warranty covers both the product and labour against leaks, regardless of who installs the window.

Choose quality and innovation with Keylite, Velux and Fakro windows

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