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Manual Flat Roof Windows

Manual flat roof windows will transform your home if it is dark and dreary or lacks natural light. Sitting neatly on top of horizontal surfaces, flat roof windows draw every last drop of sunlight down into your home. Perfect for those looking to achieve a discrete finish, flat roof windows not only offer excellent thermal performance, but come in an array of shapes and sizes….Read more….

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The more flat roof windows you installed, the bigger your interior will look and feel. Manual flat roof windows can be installed anywhere in the roofline, making them ideal for difficult areas of the home. Manual flat roof windows give you complete control over your glazing and many come with a handy operation rod, for easy opening.


We have partnered with the best brands in the roof window sector, in order to offer you quality products that you can count on. We have the full range of manual flat roof windows from some of the most acclaimed names in the business. Mardome, Velux, Keylite and Fakro are known for producing windows of the utmost quality and performance. What’s more, with a broad range of models on offer, you can specify a manual flat roof window that not only meets your needs, but your budget too.


Each of our flat roof window suppliers is known for offering superior products that can be tailored to meet your exacting needs. This allows us to offer you countless options when it comes to the look and finish of your glazing.

From manual domes with frosted glass, to triple glazed designs with toughened panes for added security, we have a manual flat roof window suitable for your project. Plus, our brands also offer a range of finishes, so you can choose an interior and exterior frame that best reflects your style and your home. You can even specific quality, branded blinds and awnings to match your chosen windows – the perfect finishing touch.


Buying from Roof Window Outlet means you’re guaranteed a product of the highest quality, as well as one that has been thoroughly tested for performance. Each of our manufacturers has a dedicated team who vet each product before it is sold, meaning you can rest assured that whatever you buy, you’re in safe hands. That’s why each of our flat roof windows also comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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