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Roof windows are often a highlight in modern design. But they’re not just about letting in natural light or enjoying the views. They are also a significant investment and their costs can vary.

If you’re considering adding roof windows to your home or office, the final price tag depends on the style, brand, size and additional features. Let’s have a look at these factors in more detail.

Style and design

The cost of a roof window largely depends on its style and design. Fixed skylights which simply let in light and don’t open, are usually more affordable. Vented skylights, which can open to let air in, cost more because of their additional features.

Then there are more advanced types like balcony windows. These can turn into a small balcony, offering extra space and a nice view, but they are pricier due to their complex design and installation needs. In short, the more features and complexity a roof window has, the higher its price will be.

Brand quality

Brand reputation and quality significantly influence the cost of roof windows. Let’s look at three popular brands:


Keylite offers a variety of roof windows for different needs. Their basic model is a simple, easy-to-use centre pivot window that costs about £378. This is a good choice for many customers because of its simplicity.

For those looking for more advanced features, Keylite also has a high-end double-glazed solar electric window with a remote control, priced at £1,771. This option is more energy-efficient and convenient, using solar power and allowing control from a distance.


Fakro is the world’s fastest-growing manufacturer of roof windows. Their products are known for durability and innovative designs. Fakro roof windows start at £706 for a simple non-opening, domed, flat roof window and can cost up to £7,911 for a triple-glazed, smoke ventilation flat-glass roof window.


Velux is synonymous with high-quality roof windows and skylights. They offer a wide range of products, including solar-powered and smart home-compatible windows. Prices for Velux clear PVC dome cover windows start at around £209 but can exceed £2,100 for top-tier windows with advanced features.

Size and dimensions

The size of a roof window directly influences its cost. Larger windows are typically more expensive for several reasons:

  • More materials: Bigger windows use more glass and framing materials, which increases the cost.
  • Complex installation: Installing larger windows can be more complicated, requiring additional labour and time. This often translates into higher installation charges.
  • Standard vs. custom sizes: Standard-sized windows are usually mass-produced, making them more affordable. However, custom-sized or unusually large windows are not as commonly produced, leading to higher prices due to the unique manufacturing requirements.

Additional features

Roof windows can have extra features that increase their price. These include:

  • Enhanced energy efficiency to save on heating and cooling costs.
  • Noise reduction glazing to keep out external noise.
  • Remote control operation for easy opening and closing.
  • Special coatings for self-cleaning or to protect against UV rays.

The more features you add to the window, the more expensive it will be. However, these features can offer long-term benefits like lower energy bills and more comfort.


Roof window costs for installation are different depending on the job’s complexity, the roof type and where you live. A simple job like replacing an old window might be cheaper than putting a new window in a different part of the roof.

Also, some roofs are harder to work on than others, which can affect the price. Costs can also vary by location, with higher prices in cities than in rural areas. It’s very important to have professionals install roof windows because if it’s done wrong, it can cause problems like leaks.

Quality investments with Roof Window Outlet

Investing in roof windows is a decision that impacts not only the look of your space but also its functionality and energy efficiency. While trusted brands like Keylite, Fakro and Velux might have higher initial roof window costs, their long-term benefits in terms of quality and energy savings can be significant.

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