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Picking the perfect roof window isn’t a walk in the park. One of the big decisions you’ll need to make is whether fixed or opening roof windows are right for you.

A fixed window lets in a steady stream of sunlight, helping rooms feel calm and bright. Or perhaps you’re considering a window that also offers ventilation and practicality. Each type presents unique benefits.

The article will guide you through these considerations, helping you make an informed choice that works with your home as well as with you.

What are fixed roof windows?

Fixed roof windows, also known as non-opening skylights, are a stationary, sealed type of window that is installed on the roof. These windows are designed to be permanently closed, hence the name ‘fixed’. They are typically chosen for areas where natural light is desired, but ventilation is not a priority.

Fixed roof windows are particularly suitable for high ceilings or inaccessible areas where opening a window for air might not be necessary or feasible. They are often used in stairwells, hallways or above loft spaces, providing a consistent source of natural light.

By design, these windows offer a sleek and uninterrupted view of the sky, adding an element of architectural interest to any space. Their simplicity in design also means that they are often more energy-efficient and less prone to leaks, as there are no moving parts involved.

What are the benefits of fixed roof windows?

Fixed roof windows offer several distinct advantages:

  • One of the primary benefits is their energy efficiency. With no moving parts, these windows are typically better sealed, reducing heat loss and keeping energy costs lower.
  • They are also known for their durability and low maintenance needs, as the absence of opening mechanisms means fewer components that could wear out or need repair.
  • Aesthetically, fixed roof windows provide uninterrupted views of the sky, creating a sense of openness and enhancing natural light in a space. This makes them an ideal choice for rooms where you want a consistent source of light, but no ventilation.

What are opening roof windows?

Opening roof windows, in contrast to their fixed counterparts, are designed to open and close, providing both natural light and ventilation. These windows are a popular choice in areas where air circulation is as important as light.

Opening windows come in various styles, including centre pivot, top-hung and even electronically operated models for ease of use.

Ideal for rooms like kitchens, bathrooms or attics, they allow for effective cross-ventilation, helping to reduce humidity and improve indoor air quality. The ability to open these windows also offers an escape route in case of emergencies, making them a practical addition to any space.

Moreover, opening roof windows can contribute to the thermal comfort of a home by allowing hot air to escape in the summer, while still providing the option to keep them closed during colder months to maintain warmth.

What are the benefits of opening roof windows?

Opening roof windows stand out for their versatility and functionality:

  • The key advantage is their ability to provide both natural light and ventilation. This dual feature is particularly beneficial in areas like bathrooms and kitchens, where moisture and odours need to be regularly expelled.
  • Opening roof windows can also contribute to energy savings by allowing natural cooling in warmer months, reducing the need for air conditioning.
  • Additionally, these windows can serve as an emergency exit in loft conversions or upper floors.
  • The option for manual or electric operation adds convenience, particularly for windows installed out of easy reach.

Choosing between fixed and opening roof windows

When deciding between a fixed and an opening roof window, consider the specific needs of your space.

For rooms where constant natural light is desired and ventilation is not a priority, such as a hallway or an art studio, a fixed window might be ideal. In contrast, for areas where air quality and temperature control are crucial, like kitchens or bathrooms, an opening window would be more suitable.

Also, consider the accessibility of the window for cleaning and maintenance. Opening windows offer easier access. Personal preference for aesthetics, the cost of installation and maintenance and energy efficiency should also guide your decision.

Closing thoughts on roof window selection

The choice between fixed and opening roof windows depends on your specific needs and preferences. Fixed windows offer simplicity and continuous light, while opening windows provide ventilation and flexibility.

Consider your room’s function, accessibility and aesthetic desires to ensure you select the best roof window for your home.

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