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Your definitive guide to roof windows

Have you ever wanted to read a definitive guide to roof windows? One that breaks down all the key details to help make your buying decision that little bit easier? Well, this beginner’s guide will help you pick the right product for your home and lifestyle.

There are no end of plus points when it comes to roof windows. As well as helping you to increase the light levels in your home, they can also enable you to completely change the look and feel of a room. Yet choosing the right roof windows can be an overwhelming task, with so many manufacturers and products on the market.

At Roof Window Outlet, we only stock the very best models from the very best brands, so you can rest assured that no matter what you buy, you’ll gain a fantastic finished product. In this guide to roof windows, we break down everything you need to know about roof windows, from state-of-the-art extras and operation options, to the difference between flat and pitched glazing.

Flat roof windows

We start our guide to roof windows by discussing one of our most popular products. Flat roof windows are a fantastic choice for those with limited internal light. Their ultra-modern and streamlined design means they sit flush against flat surfaces, allowing for a neat and discrete finish. Moreover, you can choose from double, triple or passive glazing, depending on your individual needs.

There are different types of flat roof windows, from those with frosted glass to those with electronic opening mechanisms. When it comes to flat roof windows, you can also choose from flat glass, lanterns or domed models. The benefit of rounded glass is that maintenance is made easier, since rain and dirt is more likely to slide right off the surface. Alternatively, flat glass models are brilliant at drawing ample sunlight down into your home.

Pitched roof windows

Unlike flat models, pitched roof windows sit on sloping surfaces and are usually installed not only to aid with light levels, but to act as an interior style statement. Perfect for contemporary homes, modern extensions and light-challenged attics, pitched roof windows can improve ventilation and create a healthier home environment.

When it comes to pitched roof windows, there are plenty of options. From opaque glazing for bathrooms to solar-powered models that are great for hard-to-reach corners of the house. Additionally, they’re easy to maintain and clean, highly energy efficient and fantastic at providing sound insulation.

Choose between centre pivot and top hung models, which open from the middle or top of the frame respectively. Finally, there are many interior finishes to choose from and you can also specify between double, triple or passive glass.

Sun tunnels

If you don’t quite have the space for standard roof windows, you can always opt for a sun tunnel instead. Perfect for windowless rooms and dark corners, sun tunnels can be installed into outside walls or rooftops. Sunlight enters the tube and a diffuser disperses it inside your home. This makes them perfect for windowless bathrooms, dingy hallways or even basements. Additionally, sun tunnels can move through a house, turning up to 90°. This means you can install one a fair distance away from where you actually need the light to be dispersed. How clever is that?

Our brands

We stock flat and pitched roof windows, as well as sun tunnels, from three renowned brands: Velux, Keylite and Fakro. Each manufacturer has its own unique style, but they all produce top-of-the-line glazing that is highly celebrated within the industry. What’s more, every single product we sell has been expertly designed, made, and tested by a team of specialists, to ensure enhanced performance every time.

Operation options

This wouldn’t be a guide to roof windows without discussing operation options. When it comes to roof windows, there are four different opening methods to consider. With flat roof windows you can opt for fixed glass that doesn’t open, as well as solar, manual or electric options. Pitched roof windows come in each of these styles too, except for fixed.

Fixed flat roof windows are a highly affordable option for those that don’t need additional ventilation. This makes them particularly useful for flat ceilings that are far from reach. Alternatively, many like manual roof windows, which can be opened whenever the homeowner sees fit. For windows located out of reach, an opening rod can be provided.

Additionally, we stock electric and solar-powered roof windows, which take all the effort out of operation. Electric glazing is controlled by a pre-paired wall switch, remote control or even a mobile phone app, while solar-powered models use the sun’s rays to automatically adjust, creating the most comfortable interior environment.

Our guarantee

No matter which product or brand you go for, you’re guaranteed a superior finish. Every single window we sell comes with a dedicated 10-year guarantee as standard. Plus, with proper care and maintenance, your roof windows will remain in top condition for many years to come.

We hope our guide to roof windows has been helpful, but to find out more give us a call on 0207 3154282 or email us at

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