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Keylite Sun Tunnels

Keylite Sun Tunnels

Keylite Sun Tunnels for added light where it used to be dark. In some homes, it simply isn’t possible to install additional windows, but luckily there is an alternative. If your interior is light-challenged and there is simply no space for traditional glazing elements, then a Keylite sun tunnel could well be the answer. Enabling you to draw natural light into hard-to-reach rooms, sun tunnels are light tunnels for roofs. Keylite sun tunnels boast a mirror-like tube that redirects sunshine from the roof, to otherwise dark interior spaces…Read more….

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At Roof Window Outlet, we’re proud to stock an exemplary range of sun tunnels from one of the most noteworthy brands on the market: Keylite. If you want to achieve a quality finish and unbeatable light performance, then Keylite is the right choice for you. Here are just a few reasons why choosing a Keylite sun tunnel could never be a mistake…

Discrete design

As Europe’s fastest growing roof window manufacturer, Keylite is known for its elegant and streamlined designs. Offering an extensive range of rigid and flexi sun tunnels for the UK market, Keylite has an option to suit all properties – no matter how awkward they might be. The Sunlite Tube System is a one-of-a-kind product that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to design and performance.

Enabling homeowners to draw daylight into corners of the home where ordinary windows couldn’t be fitted, the Sunlite system is suitable for both flat and pitched roofs between 15˚ and 60˚. Coming in a range of sizes, you can select the right Keylite Sun Tunnel for your specific needs. Ideal for both tiled and slate roofs, the Sunlite system will slot neatly into your roofline for a barely-there finish.

Unbeatable performance

The Sunlite Tube System comes in two varieties: rigid and flexi. Keylite’s rigid sun tunnel is formed from a highly durable, polished aluminium tube with an Alanod Miro Silver mirror finish, allowing for 98% reflectance – a truly unbeatable result. This roof light tunnel offers highly efficient illumination with low transmittance loss. It’s also extremely durable and will never lose its reflectiveness.

Keylite’s flexi system is there for homes where obstructions prohibit the installation of a rigid tunnel, meaning that even the most out-of-the-way corner of your home could soon be flooded with natural sunlight. The flexi option is fantastic for awkward corners of the home and offers 83% reflectance.

How much does the Keylite Sun Tunnel installation cost? 

Keylite is the master of performance, but its sun tunnels also come with added benefits, at no extra cost. The Sunlite Tube System is highly efficient, quick to install and easy to clean. Each sun tunnel comes with click fit installation, meaning it can be placed into the roof much faster than many other products out there. In fact, most Keylite roof light tunnels can be installed in a matter of hours.

Every Sunlite system also comes with added ventilation at both roof and ceiling level, allowing homeowners to reduce the risk of condensation, while Self-Cleaning Glass ensures maximum daylight is able to filter inside at all times.

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