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Why choose roof windows from Keylite?

There’s myriad roof window suppliers out there that could provide a product for your home building project, but Keylite Roof Windows are the proud award winners of the Build It 2021 Awards for their engineering ingenuity.  As well as this impressive accolade, Keylite roof windows come in a variety of sizes, styles and with different opening mechanisms – including smart home capability. Read on to find out if Keylite Roof Windows could be the right fit for your project.

Styles & materials

Whether you’ve got a flat roof or pitched roof, Keylite Roof Windows will have a product to suit you. You can opt for a pitched A-frame to sit on top of your roof, a domed rooflight that can double up to give you roof access, or a standard pitched roof window that opens manually or electronically.

Keylite’s pitched roof windows come in either lacquered pine or PVCu interior frame, and you can either choose a painted finish to blend in with your interior scheme, or a stained finish to show off the warm character of the roof window’s wood grain. There’s also a low-profile product that’s been developed specifically for use in Conservation Areas or on Listed Buildings, so that you can enjoy top-down natural light, even in a historic building.

Exceeding Building Regs

Keylite Roof Windows offers impressive thermal performance, with U-values as low as 1.3 W/m2K out of the box. Part L of the Building Regulations focuses on continuity of insulation, which means that your rooflights ideally need some kind of thermal break and will potentially require compression tape to seal up any gaps. This can be expensive – and in the latter case, ugly. But the team at Keylite have come up with a solution that ultimately bagged them the gong at the 2021 Build It Awards.

The expandable thermal roof collar comes standard with most pitched rooflights from Keylite Roof Windows. It’s designed to fill the gaps between your roof and roof windows, providing continuity of installation and preventing heat from escaping. It’s simple for installers to use when they’re fitting the rooflight to your property.

This means you can be assured that your Keylite Roof Window is not only exceeding the standards laid out in the Building Regulations, but that you’re also getting the best performance out of the product. So, you’re installing a highly efficient roof window that looks good, brings in natural daylight and keeps warmth from escaping your home.

Smart opening roof windows

Most Keylite pitched roof windows can be manually opened, normally hinging in the centre. Products from Keylite’s flat roof window range can be electrically opened to allow access to the roof if needed. To add to the electric opening rooflights, Keylite Roof Windows has developed its own proprietary app to give you total control over how much and when your Keylite rooflight opens. This smart automation can be done via a remote, or on your phone – so even if you’re out of the house, you can make sure all those windows are secured.

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