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When it comes to installing roof windows, understanding and complying with building regulations is crucial. These regulations need to be followed to make sure that any installation is safe, functional and energy efficient.

So whether you’re looking FAKRO, Velux or Keylite windows, let’s explore the relevant roof window regulations and help homeowners understand them better.

Why are building regulations important?

Building regulations are legal requirements set by local authorities to ensure the safety, health and welfare of people in and around buildings.

Roof windows building regs cover aspects such as structural integrity, weather resistance, thermal performance and fire safety. Non-compliance can result in fines and the need to redo the work, so it’s important to get it right the first time.

Key regulations to consider

To make sure your window installation meets building regulations, there are several important steps that need to be followed. These include:

Structural integrity

Your roof’s structure must be able to support the new window. Consider the size and weight of the window, as well as the strength of the surrounding roofing materials. A structural engineer or a qualified installer can help assess this to make sure that you’re complying with regulations.

Weather resistance

To keep your roof safe and effective, it’s important to install roof windows correctly. They need to be sealed and insulated properly to stop leaks and drafts.

This ensures your roof stays in good condition, keeps your home comfortable and helps save on energy costs.

Thermal performance

To comply with energy efficiency standards, roof windows must have a suitable glazing type and frame insulation. Using energy-efficient glazing, like double or triple-pane glass, helps keep heat inside.

Well-insulated frames add to this effect, ensuring less heat escapes. By doing this, you’ll be following building regulations and also lower your heating costs by keeping your home warmer.

Fire safety

In some areas, fire safety regulations determine what kind of roof windows you can have and where you can put them.

For tall buildings or houses close to others, it’s important to follow building rules for safety. These rules may say to use fire-resistant materials for windows and to install them a certain distance from other houses to reduce fire risks.

They might also have specific sizes and opening methods for the windows to help people escape or release smoke if there’s a fire.


Proper ventilation is crucial to stop condensation and keep the air clean. Make sure the window you choose lets enough air into the room, to avoid problems like mould and to meet air quality rules.

If you pick a window that gives the right amount of airflow for your room, you’ll keep compliant with building regulations.

Access and escape

Roof windows can sometimes be used as an emergency escape route. In this case, they need to be easy to reach and open in case of an emergency.

This means installing them in a way that allows quick access and ensuring they function smoothly for a fast exit.

Planning permission vs building regulations

It’s important to differentiate between planning permission and building regulations. Planning permission relates to the appearance and external impact of your home, while building regulations focus on safety and performance.

For roof windows, you may not need planning permission, but you will always need to comply with building regulations.

Professional installation is key

Although you might think about installing a roof window yourself, it’s better to use a professional. They know all the building rules and will make sure your window meets all the standards and fits your needs. FENSA registration is one way to ensure installers will meet building regulations.

After installation, keep your window in good shape with regular upkeep, like cleaning, checking seals and fasteners and making sure it opens and closes well. This not only extends the window’s life but also ensures it stays within regulations.

Ensure your compliance with Roof Window Outlet

Choosing the perfect roof window is the first step towards meeting building regulations. At Roof Window Outlet, we offer an extensive range of products from leading brands like FAKRO, Velux and Keylite. Our experts are here to guide you through every step, ensuring that your new roof window is a perfect fit for your home.

Contact us on 0207 5506595 or email at today to find your ideal window solution.

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