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Should I choose Fakro roof windows?

Roof windows are an excellent way to bring in top-down light to your home. This is a great way to make your home brighter, especially when you’re adding an extension and making sure enough light filters into the depths of your plan.

Made in Poland and shipped to the UK, Fakro roof windows offer excellent thermal efficiency, security and choice when it comes to getting the right size and spec for your project. There’s different size and materials options, as well as options for both pitched and flat roofs. Standard Fakro pitched roof windows are suitable for roof inclinations up to 55°.

Are Fakro roof windows energy efficient?

Timber Fakro roof windows are made from pine, which is a highly insulating softwood, so you can tick the boxes for sustainability and thermal efficiency easily. The PVC Fakro roof windows are an excellent alternative for humid areas, like bathrooms or wet rooms, or even a kitchen if there’s a strong change in temperature.

Depending on whether you go for triple or double glazing, as well as any extras, your Fakro roof window can reach U-values as low as 0.97 W/m2K.

Fakro also provide roof windows specifically designed for energy-efficient houses and passive buildings. These are slightly wider frames than a standard rood window and have a quadrupole sealing system and some even have quadruple glazing.

Can I open Fakro roof windows easily?

Fakro roof windows have a handle at the bottom, allowing for easy and comfortable opening so that you can glide the sashes open to enjoy some fresh air – and let out any excess heat. Fakro’s signature dual-operation top-hung and centre-pivot roof windows make this even easier. There’s a handy switch that allows you to choose how you want to operate the window, so you get even greater flexibility.

If you’re installing the roof windows in hard-to-reach places, like in the vaulted ceiling of a double-height hallway, go for the electric opening versions. You can operate these via a remote control, and most will have a rain sensor – so the roof windows close automatically when it’s raining.

Thanks to Fakro’s patented window structure, your roof window is safe from break-ins, too. The topSafe system consists of structural elements and a strong locking system. Plus, the toughened glass protects your roof window from breaking if it’s stepped on.

Are Fakro roof windows affordable?

These high-quality roof windows come in at a reasonable cost. Pitched roof windows start from £228 and the flat version are closer to the £600 mark. Expect prices to go up depending on the size of the window, the spec of the glass, and the opening functions. Your Fakro roof windows are also backed by a 10-year warranty for the window, 20 years for the glazing unit and a lifetime guarantee for any damage by hailstones.

Fakro is a sound choice- from so many angles. For advice on the Fakro range please give us a call on 0207 5506595

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