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You can never be too careful when it comes to home security. No matter where you live, having the right security essentials for your property will give you peace of mind. Knowing that entry points to your home are fitted with the best security features means that you’ll have less chance of a break in.

Doors come with expansive locking features that allow you to feel safe and secure. But what about roof windows? How can you be sure that these are secure?

Fortunately, modern roof windows come with a whole host of security features to safeguard your home. In this article, we’ll outline how you can enhance your home safety with roof window security essentials, exploring what is out there on the market for your property.

Why are security features important for roof windows?

Ensuring the security of roof windows is important when safeguarding your home against potential access risks. While many homeowners take the time to add security features to their doors and windows, roof windows are sometimes forgotten. Roof windows, while offering natural lighting and ventilation, can become vulnerable access points if not properly safeguarded.

More than this, security features help you reduce the risk of various accidents. For example, high quality locks and latches can prevent accidental falls. This is especially important for homes with pets or children.

When it comes to extreme weather conditions, roof windows with expansive security features also help to strengthen the resilience of a house.

Finally, you should also consider that properly secured roof windows can help you to reduce energy consumption. This is because they will be tightly sealed and will block out the cold.

Roof window security essentials

Now that we’ve explained the importance of fitting your roof windows with modern security features, let’s move on to some of the essentials you should consider investing in for safe roof windows. While there are many suppliers and designers you can choose to buy your security essentials from, three stand out above all others – Fakro, Velux, and Keylite are brands that design roof windows with security in mind.

FAKRO essentials

Fakro offers a wide selection of modern roof windows, as well as loft ladders and accessories. A highlight of their range is their collection of electric control roof windows.

These windows are remote-controlled by a radio communication system called Z-Wave, which combines a range of technology including air conditioning, alarms, lighting, electric windows and blinds for a fully automated house. If you’re looking for a comprehensive, modern security system – this could be the choice for you.

Velux essentials

Velux is a company that offers many different roof windows for your home. From centre-pivot roof windows, through top-hung roof windows, to automated roof windows – you will find something to fit your property. When it comes to security, Velux also offer a range of security accessories that will elevate your home.

Velux roof windows can be fitted with a simple and effective security lock. The ZOZ 012 means you can keep a window locked without affecting the ventilation of the space. If you like the idea of external controls, then you can also get Velux Touch, a remote for all of your electric roof windows, blinds and shutters.

Keylite essentials

Keylite is another brand that offers a wide range of security features for its roof windows. From reliable window security locks to safety restrictors – you can easily customize the security features of your roof windows.

Keylite also offer roof windows that have been designed with optimum security in mind. Take the QCP roof window, for example. This roof window has been designed for enhanced levels of security with a bottom handle that adds an additional locking mechanism and non-reverse screws fitted into the glazing borders.

Bolster your roof window security

Finding the right security features for your roof windows doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right advice and resources, you’ll find the process becomes a breeze! Roof Window Outlet is your solution for finding the security essentials your home deserves!

With products from Fakro, Velux and Keylite, we can give you roof window security without the legwork. We offer nationwide delivery, a moneyback guarantee and friendly support from our team to help you every step of the way. Get in touch with us on 0207 550 6595 or email us at for more information.

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