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With the ability to instantly make an interior feel more spacious and inviting, glazing is an important design element that shouldn’t be disregarded. No matter what your project, selecting the right roof windows should be at the top of your list of priorities.

Whether you’re renovating your current home or building one from scratch, you’ll want to ensure you source high-quality roof windows that are perfectly suited to your needs. Depending on how you use your home, and what sort of finish you’re looking to achieve, there are plenty of design options to choose from. Here, we run you through the different roof windows we offer, so you can make an informed decision about your glazing.

Flat Roof Windows

Perfect for light-challenged rooms, flat roof windows sit on level surfaces, allowing sunlight to easily spill inside. As well as providing fantastic ventilation, they’re specifically designed to maximise the daylight that hits your roof. Ideal for the design conscious, they’re also very discrete. Sitting horizontal on top of the roof, they are both subtle and highly effective at ushering light inside.

Generally highly thermally efficient, flat roof windows can also help you retain your home’s heat. Whether you want hinged or non-opening windows, you can also opt for electric or solar models, which come with a pre-paired wall switch, allowing you to open them at the touch of a button. If you’re worried about maintenance, we also offer flat roof windows with special coatings, for easy cleaning.

For those who set higher than standard targets for the thermal efficiency of their homes there are also quadruple glazed, ‘passive’ rated flat roof windows available.

Pitched Roof Windows

Pitched roof windows, also known as skylights, are ideal for dark and humid rooms that need a little extra help with ventilation and natural light. Fantastic for aiding with interior brightness, pitched roof windows can also make a real style statement. 

Either hinged on a central or top pivot, they allow you to open your windows as little or a much as you like, while custom-made blinds will allow you to block out the sun when you want to create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere. Plus, by utilising your redundant roof, you will be able to bring light inside, without taking up any more of your precious wall space.

Sun Tunnels

If any of your internal rooms are lacking windows, and the space to install any, then a sun tunnel could be a straight-forward and affordable solution. Designed to allow natural light to flow into awkward areas, such as windowless bathroom or dingy hallways, sun tunnels are quick to install, providing you with instant gratification.

Sun tunnels do exactly what their name suggests. These clever tubes sit discretely on a roof or outside wall and a highly reflective tunnel channels light inside. They also feature a diffuser, which cleverly disperses the light evenly, allowing you to create beautifully bright spaces where you never thought possible.

Things to Consider

Before you commit to any particular roof windows, it’s important to consider what the room will be used for, where the windows will be installed, and how they might open (if at all). You’ll also want to consider the overall look and finish of the glazing. For example, bathrooms might be better with obscured glass that protects your privacy, while large pitched roof windows will allow you to frame the landscape view outside your bedroom.

Planning Permission

In most cases, installing new windows falls under permitted development allowances, meaning planning consent isn’t necessary. However, there are some rules to consider when making modifications to your home. Permitted development rules state:

  • New windows cannot be located more than 150mm from the roof plane
  • Side-facing windows on upper floors must have opaque glass
  • Windows on side elevations must be non-opening, unless located higher than 1.7m above floor level
  • Windows cannot extend past the highest section of the roof, otherwise the work may be considered an extension.

To find out more call us on 0207 3154282 or email us at With expert customer service, up to a ten year manufacturer’s guarantee, and delivery across the UK in as little as two working days, finding the perfect roof windows couldn’t be simpler.

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