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Whether you’re building from scratch or looking to add some real wow-factor to your current home, pitched roof windows are a fantastic choice. Also known as skylights, pitched roof windows come in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes, so you can pick an option that works for you and your home.

Not just there to improve interior light levels, pitched roof windows offer plenty of other perks. Whether you want to enhance your interior air flow, create a style statement, or totally transform a dark corner of your house, pitched roof windows will be able to deliver.

  • Increase Natural Light

Pitched roof windows are a clever way to draw more sunlight into your home, especially if your current windows aren’t doing enough to brighten your interior spaces. Utilising otherwise redundant ceiling space, pitched roof windows make the most of the light that hits your roof, providing the perfect means for it to filter inside. In fact, pitched roof windows are thought to let in three times more natural light than traditional windows – how’s that for dividends?

  • Improve Ventilation

If your current kitchen or loft room is dark and humid, then a pitched roof window (or series of windows) could seriously improve the overall air quality in your home. Perfect for aiding with ventilation, pitched roof windows can be opened fully, to draw fresh air in and let hot, stuffy air out. Since heat rises, they’re fantastic for ridding your interior of stagnant heat. Moisture-resistant pitched roof windows will also stop condensation building up in your hardest working spaces.

  • Thermally Efficient

As well as improving light and air levels inside your home, pitched roof windows will work hard to keep your interior cosy during winter and cool in the height of summer. Highly thermally efficient, pitched roof windows can be double or triple glazed, this gives them exceptional thermal performance. Some even come with a special coating, to allow sunlight in while blocking out any harsh UV rays. Laminated and toughened glazing also makes them highly resistant to burglary.

  • Create a Style Statement

As well as serving a very real purpose, pitched roof windows can also be used to create a style statement in your home. Imagine a sleek open-plan kitchen with three stunning overhead windows, drawing natural light inside, or a cool loft space with dramatic skylights decorating the ceiling. With plenty of styles and finishes to choose from, you can easily complement your interior design and add some real drama to your living spaces.

  • Free Up Space

If your home has limited space, then adding extra vertical glazing may not be an option. This is where pitched roof windows can help. Allowing you to increase light levels while freeing up much-needed wall space, they utilise your redundant roof so the sun can enter your home from above. This can be particularly beneficial in houses where storage or usable living space is in short supply.

  • Plenty of Choice

When it comes to pitched roof windows, one size doesn’t fit all. Whether you need a discrete bathroom window with opaque glazing, or you want extensive sheets of glass finished in pine, there is a style to suit your needs.

As well as top-hung and centre pivot options, we also offer electric windows that come with a pre-paired wall switch. This will allow you to open your windows at the touch of a button, which is ideal for those located in hard-to-reach places. Eco-conscious buyers can also opt for solar-powered windows that adjust automatically, while rain sensors will ensure your interior stays dry, even during a downpour.

  • Made to Last

Thanks to their exceptional quality, all of our pitched roof windows come with a 10-year guarantee as standard. Plus, with proper care and attention, as well as a regular cleaning routine, your pitched roof windows will be in prime condition for years to come.

To find out more about our range of pitched roof windows, call us on 0207 3154282 or email us at With expert customer service, a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, and delivery across the UK in as little as just two working days, finding the perfect roof windows couldn’t be simpler.

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