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6 tasks to take on right now

For us, summer is all about making time for those essential home improvement projects and spending quality time outside. While winter is for hibernating and having clear-outs, summer is more for making your property shine. Here, we breakdown the best home improvement projects to take on this summer, from installing new glazing to getting your garden fit for gatherings. So, make the most of those longer days and spend your weekends ticking these simple tasks off your to-do list.

Add some kerb appeal

Of course, with everyone spending more time outside there are even more opportunities to spot little niggles with your home’s exterior. Is your garden path in need of a freshening up? Does your front door need a new lick of paint, or is your exterior render looking a little tired? Well, the easiest way to give your exterior a face lift is with a pressure washer. They’re easy to buy or rent and can make a huge difference to the visual appeal of your pad. In fact, it will likely make your property look brand new! You can also hire a professional to take on the task, leaving you to sit back and enjoy the sun.

Install extra glazing

There’s no better time to carry out large home improvement projects than during summer. One of the best tasks to undertake this time of year is installing new glazing. This is because your home will be exposed to the elements during the installation, so it’s always best to avoid cold and wet days for such a job! Is your bathroom dull and damp? Does your kitchen need a boost of ventilation and light? Well, we have a roof windows to rectify any issue. We have flat roof windows for extensions and pitched roof windows for loft rooms. We also offer sun tunnels, which are perfect for awkward areas of the home. These clever contraptions can be installed anywhere in the roofline and re-direct light through a series of tubes to the room that needs it most. This means that even your basement could soon be flooded with natural rays!

Wash your windows

The best way to draw more sunlight inside and give yourself the best view of your garden or surroundings, is to ensure your windows are spotless. Summer is the best time to take on this home improvement project, because it means you can top up your tan while you work. Plus, the tools needed for this task are cheap and in easy supply, so you can get the job done with limited hassle. Of course, you can always hire a professional for the task, especially if you have pitched or flat roof windows that are a little out of the way.

Organise your wardrobe

Are your winter coats taking up space in your closet? Well, now is the perfect time to banish the items you won’t need for another four months. Save space by placing all your winter clothing in empty suitcases, or get yourself some vacuum storage bags that will allow you to save even more space. If you’re feeling inspired by Marie Kondo, you could also have a clear out, letting go of any items that no longer bring you joy. Alternatively, you could get creative by colour coordinating your closets!

Get in the garden

Of course, there’s no better time to get in the garden than during summer. In 2021, more than ever, we’ll be gathering with loved ones outside for celebratory barbecues, alfresco dinners and lazy weekend picnics. So, you should probably make sure your garden or balcony is looking fresh and inviting. Install some fairy lights to create a cosy evening space, plant some herbs and flowers for an aromatic atmosphere, or simply give your outdoor furniture a fresh lick of paint. Frenchic’s Al Fresco range is a fantastic product for the latter!

Clean your guttering

It might not be a very glamourous home improvement project, but gutter cleaning is essential. If you want to prevent water damage to your roof and the walls of your house, then grab a pair of gloves and get started. All you need is a bucket and a stepladder. Plus, you can reward yourself afterwards with a cool glass of fizz in your newly improved back yard.

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