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So, you’ve selected your new glazing and you’re set to transform your home into a light-filled space. But what about your roof window blinds? The perfect complement to any glazing, roof window blinds can aid with privacy, solar gains and harsh sun rays. This makes them particularly handy during the warm summer months. Here, we highlight 5 of the best roof window blinds we have to offer, so you can select the perfect finishing touch for your home. From pleated blinds to blackout models, exterior awnings and remote controlled designs, we have something for everyone – and every home!

Velux Roof Window Blinds

Velux Good NightBlackout Blind

If you’re looking for the perfect roof window blinds for your bedroom, then Velux’s Good Night Blackout Blinds could be the ultimate choice. These blackout blinds offer a lightproof seal for total darkness anytime, even in the middle of the day. This makes them ideal for bedrooms, where you need complete light control to ensure a good night’s sleep – or a restful nap during the day! What’s more, this cool window dressing comes in 42 different colours, as well as 18 fun and exciting designs from the Disney & VELUX Goodnight Collection. You can find out more about Velux’s blackout collection, in the company’s new blinds and shutters brochure.

Fakro Standard Roller Blind

Looking for effective yet affordable roof window blinds? Then look no further, because Fakro’s Standard Roller Blind is the perfect choice. Starting from as little as £44.00, they are made specifically to suit Fakro’s innovative and high-end roof windows, resulting in a flawless finish every time. Roller blinds are a great investment, since they offer protection against light as well as added privacy. Plus, they’re available in an array of colours, from teal to lilac, slate grey to hot pink, and can also be used on pitched roof windows!

Keylite Remote Operated Electric Integral Blind

If you’re looking for an innovative product that provides effortless results, then Keylite’s Remote Operated Electric Integral Blind could well be for you. Designed for use on centre pivot pitched roof windows, these blinds can be operated using an electric remote, meaning that you can even add them to windows that are well out of your reach. What could be better than that?

Velux Roman Blind

Smart, stylish and safe, Velux’s Roman Blinds are also highly affordable, starting from just £30.00. Create a soft and warm atmosphere with the brand’s many decorative designs and unique fabrics. Perfect for home offices, living rooms or kitchens, these chic roman blinds are interchangeable and come in 20 wow-factor styles. The fabric can be dismounted for easy cleaning, and in addition there are no visible cords, which ensures improved child safety. What’s more, they can be installed from the box in minutes, thanks to Velux’s unique “Pick&Click!TM” system! Roof window blinds don’t get much smarter than this.

Velux Exterior Awning Blind In Black Net

Starting from just £34.17, Velux’s Exterior Awning Blind is a fantastic option for particularly sunny spots. Not only can an exterior awning aid with privacy (which makes them great for lofted bathrooms), they also reduce passive heating and help you to maintain a cool, comfortable temperature in your room. All this while preserving your view and letting in light! They’re easy to install from inside the room and come with either manual or remote-controlled operation. Velux awning blinds are made of a weather-resistant, 100% polyester net fabric for long-lasting performance. You can hide the awning when not in use and even opt for solar powered models for total home comfort. How’s that for innovative?

Not found what you’re looking for? Check out our full range of roof window blinds via our website, or drop us an email for extra help or advice.

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